I Believe in Working Hard and Doing Whatever it Takes…

to make it to the top, that’s why I keep on making more and more music for you guys. Wanna know my morning routine? It’s simple.

5:30 am: wake up
7:00: get into the studio for the next 3–4 hours

I heard you always got to keep making music as your top priority, so I plan to keep this same philosophy too. My team is expected to do things like this too! Cal for instance, is expected to hit up 10–30 venues a day to book us shows, and that’s mandatory!

It’s all about having a routine- a system and keepin it going! If you can’t keep one thing consistent, how are you going to keep the rest of your music career consistent as well? It’s all about practicing.

What kind of things are you struggling with? Comment below.



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