How to Kill Procratination

I’m sure this is a question that you’ve encountered before- How do I kill procrastination and get more shit done? Why is it that I can’t find that boost of energy to tackle what’s in front of me?

This isn’t really an easy question to answer and to be completely honest, I myself still ask these same questions throughout the day. Don’t beat yourself up too much because the fact that you worry about procrastination probably means you are doing a lot of good things already, lazy people wouldn’t give a damn.

Here are my best tips to staying sharp when you need it: How to kill Procrastination.

1. Read or watch something inspiring to you.

Now this doesn’t mean go watch some TV or spend your entire day reading books. But specifically choosing material that inspires you to do great. For instance, I’ll pick up this book called The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone when I’m feeling slow, and it’ll inspire me to get right back to action! I do this almost every day!

2. Do the first thing that comes to mind

I know that by now a couple ideas have passed through your head. All of them seem like great ideas, but maybe they aren’t for you today. You can get them done later anyways, so why do them now?

That’s a joke. Whenever you find yourself procrastinating, DO THE FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. This will almost surely bring your energy back once you focus on the given task. But whatever it is, do it, other words success might not be for you.

3. Schedule your day in advance

Leave no room for break time. Break time is a millionaires luxury, and if you are less than that, it is not for you. I do not have 1 million dollars at this given moment of writing this article, and I assure you I give myself no breaks and minimal rest. Schedule up ever single 15 minute interval throughout the day. Seem hard? Then continue being a procrastinator.

The fact of the matter is, procrastination is one of those things that you really have to just slap yourself in the face and yell ‘WAKE UP” to yourself. There is no special pill or fruit or exercise you can do that will magically get you out of procrastinating- although many people will try selling you on that concept. Anyone can do it, it’s just a matter of having confidence in yourself, which is something no other person, product, or substance can do for you.

What kind of things have you done to beat procrastination? Let me know in the comments section below!

Till next time,