A couple of months ago, I was hacked and all my servers were infested with malware. At first, I thought this is something that happens to everyone… Until I was hacked last month in my GetResponse account. Someone actually went as far as to delete all my lists. So I was left with nothing: no lists, no subscribers, nothing. This cost me a lot of money — money that I couldn’t make because I was unable to drive traffic to anything.

Thankfully, I have been able to restore some of my lists, but not all, as GetResponse did not help me at all unfortunately. As I hadn’t emailed my subscribers for over a month while trying to pick up the pieces, when I emailed them recently, I had little to no response. They basically forgot who I am.

So I have decided to start over and start building my list from scratch. This is why i created this challenge today.

Today is May 10th and what I decided to do is to start as if I had nothing (which is the case somehow) and build my audience all the way from the ground up. This is going to be a case study for anyone who is interested to know how to build their list from scratch and without having to spend much money in the process.

So here are the steps that I am going to follow starting today:

  1. Create an irresistible lead magnet. This will be either a short report, a cheat sheet, or a content-rich video with good value and information.
  2. Create a highly converting squeeze page.
  3. Create an irresistible one-time offer to be able to monetize the list right off the bat. This will be either one of my own products or a related high quality affiliate offer.
  4. Create a 15-day follow up sequence that the new subscribers will be receiving once they sign up to my list.
  5. Once everything is done, I will start driving traffic to my squeeze page.

So basically, I will start working backwards. Here’s how:

  1. First, I will find an offer to promote. This will be either my own product or an affiliate offer.
  2. Then I will create a short report that has value information and that is related to the offer.
  3. Once that’s done, I will start working on my pages: starting with the thank you page first, then the squeeze page.
  4. Last and most important step: driving traffic.

Creating my lead magnet and squeeze page to set up my little funnel will take me 24 to 48 hours max. Once done, I will start driving traffic to it.

I will use a combination of both free and paid traffic for this case study, and I will track everything in order to see what traffic source brings more traffic, subscribers and sales.

I will not discuss the traffic methods as of now, but I will reveal everything in the upcoming updates.