I’m Taking The Goldfish
Alicia Malone

Social networking definitely feel like a choir these days and can be quite overwhelming. I would love to do away with it but it seems like its a driving force ironically in the career path I want to take, Facebook and LinkedIn. A Majority of the folks I associate with and family use it and it definitely can put a damper on hangouts. Over time also seems to become impersonal and impracticable with everyone having an opinion on the platform ranging from political to religious opposition and memes lots of memes. I admit I like memes myself. It can be a pain.

Makes me miss a simpler time where one can socialize by taking the time to make a call, set a date or just randomly pop by. Instead we get the obligatory happy birthdays from 1000s friends half of which I can’t even remember why I added.

They say all in moderation but every time I go to the movies or mall or even a concert I see more and more folks staring into their smart phones. Would be nice to go back to just staring into space.