Thoughts on veganism
Bryan Maynard

Ok so…it is a fine piece of literature (no grammar mistakes that I found) but I think you are going to find some people (myself included) are put off by the comparison between religion and veganism. Religion really only benefits the individual; whereas, veganism benefits everyone- even meat eaters. I am vegan for environmental reasons then animals. If I continue to eat meat I am supporting the desertification of our valleys, deforestation of our rainforests, and the acidification of our oceans. That’s why I don’t eat meat. Also, vegans “shame” meat eaters because this is all fact now. Climate change, global warming, an empty oceans- these are not tricks to fool people into eating meat, but facts to address when people want to “defend” eating meat. I keep quiet most of the time with my friends, but I have a friend who is an animal activist and eats meat; and we almost lost our friendship because I told her her choices made her a hypocrite. If people want to continue to eat meat, but say they are animal lovers or environmentalist I do call them out on bullshit. And no I’m not disgusted by natural predators. That’s nature. That’s what Mother Nature intended. Humans, however, are not carnivores. It’s scientific fact that we are not meant to consume the amount of meat we eat. From our saliva to the length of our digestive system, nothing about the human anatomy is prepared to consume meat three, four, even five times a day in those doses. It’s also fact now that processed meat is more of a carcinogen than smoking cigarettes- yet people still eat a hot dog like its no big deal! People just amaze me…it’s clear that veganism is the only way to save our planet, but people refuse because “mmm bacon”. Ugh, humans.

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