MLSxDet backers sponsor a Detroit City FC international friendly.

I’ve been spending the last hour or so kind of trying to connect the dots on this whole international friendly. Being in my position makes it a little difficult to try to be objective. With that being said here’s my objective take on what this all means for everyone involved:

It’s kind of a win-win for everyone involved. City gets loads of Free Press and an international game that they don’t have to pay for which is awareness overseas and potentially attracting future investors. Gores and Gilbert get to pretend like they actually give a shit about soccer and that also gives them the ability to say that they’ve tried to reach out and work with DCFC but there was business direction disagreements on how to approach the partnership. Venezia was bought by Americans and pulled up from the grave. They are trying to raise American awareness of the team, they’ve been planning a US tour for some time. And I heard through the grapevine that they were shopping around for different American teams to host them. Supporters win because we get another DCFC game and a pretty cool one at that. The players win because the ones who will play in the friendly against Venezia will get loads of experience and also some international exposure.

The timing makes perfect sense for everyone involved as well. There is already a ton of press out there over the international champions cup game at Comerica Park this summer and it is in my opinion no coincidence that this game takes place the day before. It is the perfect marketing opportunity, ‘come for the Detroit City FC international friendly and stay for the international champions cup game the next day.’

That’s just my first take on this, but there are other narratives in place as well. This could be the start of an interesting professional relationship between the MLS Detroit group and DCFC. There is constantly swirling rumors of Detroit city FC being shopped around for either USL’s D3 venture or a potential new one started by an entirely different group. I’ve seen some people argue that this D3 would make sense for Detroit city FC and would still allow us to thrive and maintain our identity while still being able to partner with the potential future MLS team and any new additional resources and benefits that come from that. I’m not really sure how I feel about that yet, I would have to see more specifics other than just conjecture. My initial thought is we don’t need to do that, but, we also don’t have anywhere near the substantial amount of money it takes to move up the American “Pyramid”. So, 🤔🤔🤔.

There is also the concern of playoffs happening The weekend right after this friendly. That doesn’t really concern me because I think we have a deep enough roster and that if we do make playoffs (who knows right now) it will give us some time to further solidify any formations, tactics, and fix any other general issues we may be having.

TL;DR: I don’t see any negatives to this happening, yet. I know that I am going to just enjoy the game and be thankful for the bonus soccer that we are getting the summer. There really isn’t enough information out there to make any guesses as to what this all means, I have no faults with our front office because I don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong yet and they have done nothing to lose my confidence.