“What makes the created worthy enough to define the creators?”. “What makes the inferior capable enough to subdue the superior?”. “What makes the lifeless. have certain control over the life-full?”

People often tend to get their value from WHAT they have and not WHO they are, (this is SO WRONG). Where does Value come from? What makes things qualified to have the value we give them?

And so I was walking home with my friend about a week ago and the (UEFA) champion’s league anthem song was playing on repeat on my iPad. This was a song that meant almost as much to both of us so we were really “into the mood”, our heroic spirits had been stirred up and our love for the game was reinforced as we joined in the chorus: “THESE ARE THE CHAMPIONS”!!! My goodness! what feeling you get when that song is played. (Well that’s of course if you’re into football like we are)

Halt! Was virtually the next thing I did when I realized what was happening… As I thought about what was going on, I shared it with my friend. And it went something like this;

“Hmmm, have you noticed that we don’t actually value this song for what it is (quality wise) but for the feelings and memories it incites in us. You know seeing as we love classical music and occasionally enjoy a Handel or a Mozart album, we’ve heard better symphonies and as good as the champions league anthem song is, its not the best there is. So the fact IS that the value of the song is not intrinsic but largely human oriented.”

And so,

What does this mean? Simple. Things have the value WE give to them. Oh wait! You think Diamond or Gold has that much value (in itself)? Ok maybe that’s too abstract for you, what of the cash in your pocket presently, does it have more (intrinsic) value than the ABC 20 leaves notebook we used in elementary school? The Naira has the value given to it by its makers and users, is the paper used in making the N1000 bill of more worth than the one used in making the N100 bill? If not why the difference in worth?

The truth is that things were not meant to give people Value or Worth, people were meant to do that to things, this points out one of the major issues in the world now…

Value can be defined as “relative worth, merit, or importance”. The operative word there is “relative”, it’s personal, it’s a decision. Let’s not get tied down by things we were meant to control: our lives should have more Value than our possessions.

“What makes the created worthy enough to define the creators?” “What makes the inferior capable enough to subdue the superior?” “What makes the lifeless have certain control over the life-full?

Before you misappropriate your right of valuation next time: THINK ON THESE THINGS!!!

Till next time:

Don’t stop the trend. Keep thinking…

#UseYourHead #ThinkOnTheseThings #THOTT…

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