Just A Couple of Forevers; AMAZING BEGETS AMAZING

Just A Couple of Forever; AMAZING BEGETS AMAZING

“I see it clear, my heart is here… we got each other, let’s take it from here… and if I could I’d love you up forever at time… What we been through no one else knows… Cause all that matters is how far this goes… and it will go until it starts again”

To the lovers

Just a couple of forevers,

Welcome to the future

A story for the generations has started.

To touch a heart is magical.
To touch a society is Fynnomenal.
To do both is Amazing.
Only by Kyei’sing a dream beyond perfectly amazing.
A decade of dedication and imperfection .
A Renegade Love with a Lens.

Engineered by the Projects. 
Smashed by DIGiT.
Echoing through the universe with the power of Nitro.
An example the generation cannot outgrow.
Never to be Shatta-ed. 
Infectious like a Vyrus.
Now let’s echo the words of this brave new world on the streets like Adesuwa’s jingle.

As we conquer the midweek Ah-gain and Ah-gain.
I would ask for blessing but what else can one ask of when you already have love.
Together stronger than Superman. 
Sipping tea and heroic stories Writeous-ly written about you. 
In the words of our dear Paula, we at Echo, wish you a Happy Union with the swag of Fati’s haircut.

If you doubt the potency of the love that is shared, lived and savored for the last 10 years, this…

“Let’s make music together my love. Your highs. My lows. Your deeps. My rhythms. Let’s take a walk down this road. We both have waited for so long. 10 years… We deserve it. Let’s be happy. It’s ok to be happy. Let’s jam to the music that our beating hearts make. Let’s be the Ayaabas. I love you. And I can’t wait to start this journey.” is a testament that time stands no chance and neither does the long and cherished days of your lives.
However, this can’t be said any better without “We will dance because we know we have God, family, friends and all of you wishing us well. I am happy and my pap queen…”

After months of talk, years of history, HAPPINESS is finally home as AMAZING BEGETS AMAZING.

Originally published at medium.com on February 29, 2016.