It’s been a great year so far. How can’t it be, when the year started on a wedding note and excitement became the catchphrase thrown around? It has been wonderful and the award of STARTUP OF THE YEAR just adds to the appreciation and dedication that we’ve poured into our work and the youth for the past 7 years.

Starting out as a students’ magazine, the dream then, was to tell the stories of campus with the students who had the courage to challenge the times and make a case for youthful excellence. After a year or two of publication, a thought became a dream and we branched into events management. With a solid team of Beryl Agyekum, Bright Ayaaba, Julio Cyriaano, Kofi Agyekum to mention a few, it has been a journey worth remembering.

Steering and guiding the course of our growth has been one stride after the other and a tale to be told with the help and commitment of over 500 campus team members and the biggest youth network in Ghana. However, this wouldn’t have been possible without the thinking and creativity of the digital team that inspires and redesign the digital landscape in Ghana. Digit, is ably led by Kwesii Asomadu as the creative lead and Fati Sita as the Accounts Director. These individuals have under a year created an agency within an agency that has stood shoulder to shoulder with the biggest global names out there and won them over.

With their team, they’re able to tailor the 27 million Ghanaian story to fit Vodafone, Smirnoff, KFC, Vodafone X, Guinness, Access Bank and while creating a home for brands to explore, grow and creatively own their spaces. This is not done anywhere and we are proud of the team.

Photography has come to change storytelling and Rogue Lens, lawd, have created some wonderful memories and dreams. From their photos to videos, there is always a storyline to their ‘madness’ and a thin line between what is conventional and what is abnormal with them. Their debut TV production, Nitro, the Live Session has introduced music like never before. Artistes get to tell their stories and share the ideas and concepts behind their songs and it is NEW!

As a 360 agency with more than 1001 stories to share, and the media team tell, retell and share the experiences, times and memories that define our youthfulness while keeping their balance between truth and fiction. The ability to make the most trivial things look more appealing is just one of the many things that makes them “LOVELY”.

As they say, first love is the deepest, our events management and projects department is nothing without the innovation and originality they introduce to each project. It is a storyline being carved and a long-held belief reaffirmed over and over again with every activation, sale or events.

With a team like this, can you blame us for all the awesomeness, WE JUST CAN’T THINK FAR!!! It is in our DNAs and a part of our identity. The most important of all is, WE HOPE OUR AWARD INSPIRES YOU TO START YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY.