The Edge reader app : The Basics

Every choice we made in designing and building this is to make the reading and browsing experience as clean and educational as possible — to build something different from the social feeds that addict you into just endlessly scrolling, mindlessly tapping away and not learning or retaining anything.

1) One at Time

We present one piece of information at a time to allow you to focus, at least momentarily, on the individual item. You can swipe up and down to navigate to the next or previous items.

2) Loading screen quotes

We’ve selected a few thousand quotes related to business, finance and personal improvement to hopefully inspire or educate you while you wait for the next feed to load.

3) Content Filtering

If you want to narrow your feed to show only Videos or Tweets quickly tap the Filter icon and select. Just hit “reset” to set to go back to the “All” feed which has all types of content.

4) Save content for later

We found that many of our users were using read-it-later apps like Pocket and Instapaper, both of which we’re huge fans of. We stripped out our own (not very useful) Save Articles feature and encourage you to use one of these apps.

You can very easily save articles to either app just by hitting the “Share” icon from the article card and making sure that the Pocket or Instapaper share extensions are enabled. If you’re unfamiliar with how to do this, check out the links below:

Enabling the Pocket Share Extension in iOS

Saving to Pocket on Android

Instapaper 6.1 Brings Redesigned Share Extension

5) Remove articles

Once you’re “done” with a card (i.e. you’ve read it, or aren’t really interested) just hit the Remove icon and it will archive the article. You are initially presented 20 items in your feed — if you remove items and refresh, it will fill in with new items.

*Note — at this time when you remove an article you cannot access it again.

6) Like / Dislike (Useful vs. Not Useful)

As always, let us know if an item is useful or not useful for you. The more data you provide, the more refined and relevant your feed will become.

Note: Please don’t “dislike” an item if you find it useful and want more on that topic or from that source, but just are angry at the subject matter :) Seriously, this happens.

7) The In-app Messenger

Lastly, if you ever have any feedback or specific information queries (“I want more articles about Amazon!” “Can you make sure there are Asia-focused articles in my feed?”) just hit the Chat icon and send us a message.

We’d love to hear from you!

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