Don’t Sh*t Your Pants (Flash) review — Free Kongregate Games with Badges

1 badge, 15 points

I’m not normally one for crude humor, but I have to admit that Don’t Sh*t Your Pants has its charms. Set in the style of early graphic adventure games, you have to type commands to help a man to get into his bathroom before he poops his pants.

It sounds simple enough, but to truly complete the game and earn the badge, you have to unlock 10 awards for the different methods of succeeding (and failing) at your task. Figuring out everything (and the look on your pink-skinned friend’s face when you succeed and fail) is where the fun and humor of the game lies.

DSYP only takes a few minutes to complete everything. It’s a hard game to talk about without giving anything away, but if you’d like experience a creative game with an absurd premise, give it a try.

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