Sorry, but this is a dangerously worded article that does not represent the truth.
Timothy Truong

Thank you Timothy for the inspiration to write and not troll on my part. In my family and my wife’s family lineage, I have the lowest grade point in an undergraduate degree (Computer Science major with a minor in math — GPA 2.1). The author/blogger has points that would clearly call me out. You raise the issue of evidence, so here is mine. In my families combined, there is one PH.D., four masters, and 14 undergraduate degrees. Each of them have other degrees or fields. Out of all them, I am the highest wage earner. I have no debt and put my 3 children (now adults) and my wife through college. I am less than a director level, but I am rich with health, a 30 yr marriage, good career, and interesting hobbies. At 55 years of age, the education system is as bad as corporate life or government squirting out bad cookies (drones) on the assembly line. Very few people “think” and are self motivated to work with quality, timeliness, and optimized results. Among those I love to work with are who are direct, but are not mean and are the statesmen (and stateswoman) of their colleagues, family, friends, and communities. The “entitled” have no place with me or my kind. Many A’s and B’s I meet don’t even remember what they studied; they just got good grades and demanded favor when the graduated. I have worked around them but they don’t last long. So, for me, conformity never served me well, but my own learning and application did — thus to be a C student in this case is about attitude over latitude. Again, I appreciate you and the author to cuss and discuss with the freedom and civility to do so. Good luck to all students young and old, ABCDF’s, in all their endeavors!

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