Growing deep roots.

I read the story of a Doctor whose hobby asides his medical practice, was to plant trees. He did it for fun and he even had a few theories about growing trees. He believed in the no-pain, no-gain school of thought. He never watered his trees. When…

I’ve got something to say.

Wait, did that catch your attention?

I bet it did. But wait, we are all on social media to say something. So, let us take and think this through.

What do you have to say again? Nothing.

But, you need my attention.

Breaking news!!!

My attention span is now so small that with one error, you’ve lost me off your conversation.

So, as a business or as an individual, if you have to use social media to speak, be loud, clear and make your speech succinct.

Thank you.

Social Media, the new Big Brother.

Taking a line from George Orwell’s book, I would now move on to discuss something a bit different from what big brother meant in the book.

Remember back in the days when an employee would hurt your feelings and you would ask for a superior to report them to? Who does that these days still?

With the advent of the social media, all the person needs to do, is to plop up on social media telling their tale in the narrative without giving you a chance to redeem yourself.

If you’re business and ORM smart, you should at all times watch what people say about your brand online.

Ibekwe Emmanuel.


Immaculate Emmanuel

Why Art No Longer Sells as much in Nigeria

Yesterday I was mindlessly musing about random stuff while I was taking a walk. I noticed a Lady with a big suitcase beside a lovely Jeep. She opened a section of the Suitcase and it dawned on Me that the “Suitcase”…

Man Know Thyself.

So, I’m still at work by this time (8:51pm)and I keep wondering what happened to me all morning. It seemed as if the inspiration for the words never flowed…. …

The Brand Story

This is how it started. I had no idea I was to go somewhere so I dressed “too casually”. I had to use that word like that. So We had to go to seal a Deal and I was to go along. The story is not as simple as it is put here…..but, I will skip all that.

I learnt a few lessons today.
Always dress well.
Try and negotiate better.
If You want to negotiate well, try to speak volumes.
Wherever You are, Whatever the case, hold Your Head up high and push your Chest out. Send two puffs into the sky and say, I AM AWESOME…..REGARDLESS!!!

This is the Immaculate Emmanuel…..
See You soon.

Emmanuel Ibekwe (Immaculate)

Emmanuel Ibekwe is a #DigitalMarketing #Trainer #Content_writer and a #Poet occasionally. He loves books and food equally. Read him here

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