1-minute meditation — Cycles of Life

Waking up to the Cycles of Life — literally and spiritually :-)

Busy city living can easily have us miss the basics of Nature that awaken us.

Awaken us literally every morning with the sunrise and every evening with the moon rise.

Awaken us metaphorically in how we live WITH the cycles of life. Paying attention to the ebbs and flows. We know the tides do it. We know the moon does it. We know the sun does it. Thank goodness.

How often do we take a minute to TUNE IN to those cycles? So predictable, so reliable, so supportive. We’re supported and buoyed, inspired and elevated every day. Every single day!

So much energy & power that we can connect with, naturally.

Enjoy your one-minute meditation as I share my Good Morning with Toronto :-) So beautiful and inviting I wanted to share it far and wide and support planet earth and mother nature in our Awakening.

Your meditation is here :-)

Credit music: Velma Frye — Morning Light.

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