An earthquake tremor as a side dish anyone?

Quite a surreal feeling as my fork stopped midway toward my mouth and I made sure of what I was actually sensing … and not just having a head spin. Nope, the TV, the desk, the wall juncture…they moved. For sure they went left to right as I watched their movement for about 5 seconds. No alcohol or drugs in my system so couldn’t blame that!

The swaying movements confirmed, ironically, by the world globe balloon I have hanging from the loft ceiling down into my lounge. Dumb-founded, I stared at the globe dancing left to right as the forkful of vegetables completed it’s cautious entry into my mouth. I slowly chewed as the dawning emerged — “Oh crap, another earthquake has happened somewhere in Italy, angels look after the town’s people please…. what is the best thing for me to do if this is more than a shock wave, ripple effect?”

After the August 24th earthquakes of Amatrice and surrounds, I became far more interested in how Mother Nature works with things like earthquakes. I’ve never had to consider it before but given that August earthquake woke me up at 3am, with an incredibly vivid memory of disorientation , I took a proactive interest. Such vivid thoughts as I was roused from sleep by the same left to right movements …“what is all that movement and shaking about, geez the kids upstairs are really hammering it out late tonight ... oh wait, this loft is moving…is this an earthquake… what do I do?”

As a psychologist, I got to researching. I’m much more into prevention over cure. So why wait for the crisis moment to figure out what to do. Like any good training, I informed myself and got clear on the practicalities that applied to my apartment or if I were walking the streets of Rome. Got the torches ready, batteries on hand, where in the apartment is best for me to stay as safe as possible, do’s and don’ts.

As a psychic, my respect grew enormously for Mother Natures power and that she too has to re-shuffle things. Mother Nature is a power I choose to acknowledge and work WITH rather than against. Mother Earth has to do her re-configuring and has done so for eons. Us humans happen to build stuff (great stuff) and do s*@! that doesn’t always work WITH Mother Nature. Our bad. We learn the hard way until the value of building, constructing and developing honors the laws of nature. Therefore if such “disasters” hit, the damage to humanity isn’t as disastrous. It’s a learning curve.

Turns out this recent earthquake was 80 miles away in central northern Italy. Far out, Mother Nature rumbles and we feel it 80 miles away. That’s a short distance I know, but it’s quite a distance nonetheless. The Gods of the earth and mountains have some kudos and sway, pardon the pun.

So all the research I was doing on what to do during an earthquake….go under a desk… door frames… turn the power off (really, you think I’d be able to do this while the earth moves so powerfully!) etc… just wasn’t cutting it. Of course I’ll do it and prepare myself….”Ok, don’t run down the stairs of my bedroom loft cos that’s dangerous so stay in bed”. Researched, reviewed, earnestly considered, now let it go. It’s in my psyche, no need to obsess over it. Get on with life. After that, if it’s my time it’s my time. I trust in my higher ups team to guide me right if and when it occurs.

But that safety information still didn’t sit well with me. There has to be a better way. My prayers were answered. A friend sent around an email with sensational information from a Rescue Chief and Disaster Manager from the American Rescue Team International (ARTI). Now THAT information makes sense to me. Not least because it works WITH the laws of physics and my psychic energy healer loves that! That’s working WITH Mother Nature :-)

So I’m writing this article to share that information with you all. I’ve created a page on my blog site to spare your reading time here and given I can’t put images in a post here. Please be sure to check it out with all the pictures that the Disaster Manager shared that certainly had me feel 100% clear and empowered. His article and photos are easily viewed here:

Sure Mother Nature will still have the final say but at least I know I’m looking to work WITH her movements and energy with a sense of peace and informed surrender.

So last night, after I felt and saw the shock waves go through my apartment, how did I manage it? Texted two friends and expressed my “woh, earthquake tremors” fear first up! I’m still human!!

After that though, I put some of my research in place. Given there were two earthquakes in Perugia last night, perhaps Mother Nature would do a third. So instead of sleeping upstairs I slept downstairs on the couch. No need for stairs if I have to exit. I moved heavy items from the shelf so any falling items wouldn’t knock me out if they fell! I had the torch ready and mentally noted the place I’d position myself to take into account The Triangle of Life the Disaster Manager educated me on in his article. Before going to sleep, I texted my family in Australia to let them know I was ok. Given I was going to sleep and they would be waking up into Thursday, they’d likely see the news report and wonder if I was ok, so I got in first :-)

Simple actions and preparations that maximized my part in this game with nature to be empowered rather than freaked out. Given the shake up physically and psychologically, I took the opportunity to digest more than just my dinner last night. I certainly contemplated my soul food for thought as the tremors put things in perspective for me.

I still have enormous respect for Mother Nature and her rhythms and renewals, no point being in fear or resistant to that power. At the same time, in the actual moment of a “oh crap, is that an earthquake”, I trained my mind to remain calm and empower my place in this instead of freaking myself out. In my humble opinion, that is a pretty rock solid metaphor for living life and being an entrepreneur soul! Day to day life seems way easier now. Thanks Mother Nature.