Cleanse your body and prosperity can have a clear channel

Fellow entrepreneurs, you and your 3-card spread and guidance for the week of Monday 29th May 2017 have serendipitously crossed paths! I trust it sets you on course with your intuition this week.

Overall message for this week: It’s time to clear and cleanse. Your body is adjusting and it needs your support. Be clear with yourself and honest about your self sabotage. You have gifts and prosperity to enjoy and reap. Let it come forward and service your body.

Card 1- Prosperity — There’s some clearing and cleansing to be done:

Allow prosperity in. What are you blocking or resisting in regard to this? It’s an illusion. Simple. Money is coming to you and your openness to receive it is pending.

Clear your body. The healing work you need is knocking on the door and needs your actual ‘doing it’ to unlock the door and set the healing in healthy motion. Your body work at this time, energetically, relates to your receiving and embracing prosperity. Financial and otherwise.

Simply get the healing, be a willing recipient and allow it to cleanse and clear your body so you become a much easier fine tuned vehicle and conduit. This body work will trigger the resolution of transformative healing that you need.

Card 2- ASK — Your key focus for this week:

Don’t wait for it to “simply come”. Your intention certainly sets the GPS in the right direction for you, but you have to “push the Start button” by directly asking your intuition and higher up team for what you want.

Whether it be clarity about the right practitioner for you, or enlightening you about a new healing or personal development mode or even openness to RECEIVE the service/healing/treatment you know you need to book for yourself, so be it.

Asking is how your intuitive and spiritual support can come in and get things moving with you and for you. You don’t have to do it alone. However, you do have to ASK for the helping hand on the next step. Just ask, what have you got to lose?

Card 3- New Beginnings — Enjoy:

Like any detox, the ‘old and irrelevant’ releases and dissolves, making room for the new. Our body cells detox and die everyday.

You may feel ‘ill’ at this time, but this is the release of the old cells, your body regenerating itself and creating space for the new cells. New cells for the newly “oiled” organs and systems of your regenerated body and their internal processes now supporting you in your next phase. If you’re going to BE and DO on another level of tenacity and power, your body needs to shift and upgrade too. Simple alchemy but easily forgotten when one feels a bit ‘yuk’.

This week the alchemy is accelerated because of the self-work you’ve done these last few months coming to its fruition and resolution. Additionally, thanks to the New Moon providing heightened energy for your up scaled intentions. The Intention and Ask for your New Beginnings.

Enjoy these New Beginnings, no matter how ‘small’ they SEEM or big they are, consciously celebrate these New Beginnings. Don’t underestimate the power of such conscious celebration.

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Here’s to your Soulful Living,

Elizabeth Celi

These cards were drawn from the Archangel, Daily guidance and Healing with the Angels Oracle card decks, respectively. Each drawn after meditation with my spirit council requesting a message of guidance and encouragement for entrepreneurs intended to serendipitously find their way toward this reading. Consider all guidance with the light of your own self contemplation and self responsibility as it applies best for you. The choices are yours now and always.