Entrepreneurs, your 3-card spread for the week of 17th April 2017

Hello Entrepreneur Souls, it’s my pleasure to share a guided 3-card spread specifically channeled for entrepreneurs for the week ahead, as at Monday 17th April 2017. I trust its message will be of value for you on your journey 🌎

OVERALL MESSAGE of this spread — appreciation and celebration of your evolution so far.
 You get so busy in striving and though you occasionally stop to acknowledge your progress, it’s quickly palmed off for “what’s next?”
 This week, let it be about in-depth appreciation, profound celebration in the way that uplifts your heart and spreads your wings.
 You don’t need to be in constant striving to build your worth. You are divine and worthy now, so practice it with appreciation and celebration.
Your journey to date has brought you to closer connection with your purpose. A book you are now reading, procrastinating on reading or writing yourself, will spark and inspire you even deeper. Enjoy it. Indulge in it. Swim in it and relish the portals it’s intended to open for you.
This enjoyment and creative play with the written word that calls you, will give you further clarity and insight to propel you forward in the weeks beyond.
The second card in the spread was described as representing “propulsion”!
That it’s emerged as the Nine of Earth card indicates two things. First, you’ve catapulted yourself to a goal and ambitious outcome you were aiming for. It’s done. Now it’s time to consciously RELISH all you’ve done. A good old pat on the back while you make the most of the second aspect coming up with this card.
 That is, pat yourself on the back and relish all you’ve done WITH your FAVOURITE little indulgences! Whether it be a day out, walk in the park, lunch date with you, that quality chocolate or wine or cigar (for example), an unexpected gift or financial windfall, a trinket that your heart has been calling for, let yourself!
 Stop fighting it off, it’s not for nothing and it’s not mindless indulgence. With the purpose of self-recognition and self-appreciation, this favourite indulgence will continue to deepen your connection with your soul driven purpose. Open up to it this way as a gift to you. Pure and simply a gift to you. No justification necessary.
 Cards 1 and 2, your intellectual and imaginative pursuit through your book/s and the honouring of a cycle complete with your favourite indulgence, combine to activate the essence of card 3 — Spiritual Growth.
 The next phase, the next level, your deeper level is here. Prepare yourself with your book-bridge and self-honouring this week to be awake and conscious of the spiritual growth portal opening up for you. It’s your renewal. The old skin is shedding and your conscious connection and celebration of your spiritual growth — your spiral up — is in store for you. If you so let it.
 Don’t worry, it won’t interfere with your other life circumstances, in fact, it’ll slowly but surely blend in and enhance it all. It will always be aligned with you, who you are and your path. Trust and simply relish your renewing wings and deeper spiritual way.
 Enjoy quiet time alone with you over this coming week and allow the dimensions opened by your book and celebration of your cycle achieved, propel you to your next level of gifts your business will benefit from. Be open. Be joyous. Be focused on you and your new wings sprouting.

Here’s to your soulful living,
 Elizabeth Celi

These cards were drawn from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards, Angel Tarot Cards and Healing with the Angels Oracle card decks, respectively. Each drawn after meditation with my spirit council requesting a message of guidance and encouragement for entrepreneurs intended to serendipitously find their way toward this reading. Consider all guidance with the light of your own self contemplation and self-responsibility as it applies best for you. The choices are yours now and always