Today I came across one of the more interesting pieces of journalism I’ve seen this week; a fantastic NPR piece covering the “fake news” explosion (link at bottom).

After reading it I had a thought crystallize in my mind that I had only fragmented pieces of before: The solution to this whole fake news explosion isn’t filters: it’s education. Crackdowns by platforms (Google, Facebook, etc) won’t help. …

We’re super excited to announce support for funnels in the new Data Explorer! Funnels are one of our most popular analysis types, and now you can create funnel queries with multiple steps and visualize the results right inside the Explorer.

Funnels are a powerful type of analysis for answering questions with multiple stages, such as user retention and drop-off, attribution analysis from referrals and campaigns, advanced user targeting, and more.

With Keen, there’s no limit to the range of custom funnels you can build. …

Avoid these 6 common mistakes to ensure you can run clean, usable analytics

I was recently chatting with a friend about event tracking for a mobile app he’s building. The more we spoke, I realized that many of the concepts that are important to ensuring you have clean, usable event data may not be second nature. Especially for people new to event analytics.

I’ve implemented event tracking many times in the last few years. …

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