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I use Car2Go quite a bit. They’re generally pretty good. The biggest issues I encounter with regularity are:

1. Cars that I’ve booked are not there when I show up to their location on the map, and cannot be found after looking around.
2. When starting a rental from my phone when I arrive at the car sometimes there is an error and the rental doesn’t start, then the car disappears from the app’s map and cannot be re-booked.

These are some pretty rough issues and has lead to be using Car2Go about 50% less than I used to over a year ago. Otherwise though, it’s pretty good and the customer service has been awesome (for me).

My friend has been locked out of her account for a long time due to payments not properly going through on her credit card. After sorting it out and getting her account activated, she had it deactivated again for reasons unknown and hasn’t bothered to call back customer service to sort it out. So I’ve definitely heard of some bad experiences out there.