we’re the only animals we know of on earth to create art.
Speculation on Proxima B and the Future of Humanity
Jamie Curcio

How is a lack of meaning any loss at all in your compass of worthiness? For that matter, what is gained by our extinction? Is there something that makes the rest of the universe inherently somehow more worthy than humankind? Shouldn’t we, in a universe without a moral compass, struggle to survive as our biological impulses tell us to, against all odds, against every other living thing, against any structure which opposes us at all, at any cost? This is what the ants do. This what the dinosaur did. This is the strategy of the viper and the virus alike. In a universe without inherent value described by some external value-assigner, there is nothing to do but follow your programming, or not. Neither path through this yellow wood would fare us better in any evaluation.

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