Folks, how can I take your supposed interest in diversity seriously when the basics pass you by and when you’re not wildly apologetic the moment it gets pointed out to you? (Some were, eventually,
Being Black Means We Have to be 200% Better
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

Wow, it’s almost like people are diverse and you expecting them to be just as sensitive to this issue as you are was a huge exercise in ignoring your own beliefs about diversity…

Personally, I can’t respect anyone who falls all over themselves to apologize for someone else’s problems before they even take the time to get oriented in a situation and think rationally about how best to respond. Are you sure you worded this part of the article well?

To be clear, I have no idea whatsoever what the Wired article says; you didn’t link me and I don’t read that crappy magazine, so I’ll take your advice and steer clear of what I’m sure is a terrible bit of writing.