Three things from four days of Ti7

The standings at the end of day four.

Dota 2’s biggest event, and arguably the biggest event in all of esports, is underway in the group stages that precede the bracket stage in Seattle. Even with this ‘only’ being the group stage, the games have already drawn in hundreds of thousands of viewers across Twitch and YouTube.

Here’s how things are looking, entering the final day of the group stage and the start of the main event on Monday.

Chinese Domination

If you take a look at the top four teams from across both groups, the first thing that stands out is that we nearly have a Chinese team leading each group. LGD Forever Young has only lost one match so far, and their sister team, LGD Gaming, could easily be above Team Liquid if things had went slightly different.

LFY wins and loses based on the middle and the safe lane. Super plays in the mid lane and Monet plays in the safe lane, and in the match before their first loss, Super had twelve assists and Monet had fourteen kills. In the next match, Super had nine deaths and only two assists, showing how much of an impact his play has on the success of the team.

Monet had an almost even contribution in that loss, with seven deaths but six kills and one assist, but the team still lost without Super spearheading their efforts.

The blueprint to beat LFY is out there, but that doesn’t mean they should have many more losses soon. They’ve already swept Virtus Pro and Invictus Gaming, and those wins proved that it’s not easy to just shut down their top two players.

Mediocre OG

Win, loss, loss, win, loss. That’s OG’s form in the last five matches, from the first four days. Those two wins were definitely good wins. They finished their opponents in twenty one and thirty one minutes, but the first of those wins came against Hellraisers, who only have one win themselves.

Invictus Gaming aren’t scrubs, but it doesn’t help OG that they split the series instead of getting wins both times.

In their second match against Virtus Pro, in a series that they lost, they allowed their opponents to rack up 63 kills. It was an especially long match that went on for more than an hour, but there were other problems with them that didn’t show up in the death count.

OG couldn’t farm effectively against VP, and only ana finished with more than 20k gold. On the other hand, VP had four players above 20k gold at the end, and spread out their farming duties across more players.

In their last loss to Invictus, OG had 817 LHs compared to their opponents’ 1.1k. And again, they couldn’t land many kills of their own and allowed things to snowball. Invictus finished with 44 kills, much more than OG’s thirteen.

If the Boston and Kiev Major winners want to continue their good run of tournament results and make noise in the bracket stage, it’s clear that there’s several matters that they will have to correct.

Hidden Gems

This edition of the International has been known so far for showing off the game’s balancing and seeing a number of heroes selected. There’s also some heroes that haven’t been selected very often that have a high chance of working out when they are given a shot.

Beastmaster has only appeared in fifteen matches, but has an 80% win rate. The same goes for Huskar, but he’s only been in five matches so far. Magnus has been in nineteen matches, but has a 78% win rate.

Looking at heroes that have more of a track record during the event, Magnus and Treant Protector have 40 and 32 matches, and 65% and 62% win rates. Nature’s Prophet has been used an even fifty times, but still has a 62% win rate.

As the tournament continues, it will be interesting to see if these are fluke results or if some of these heroes really are underutilized…

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