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Q4 2019

Dear Factom Community,

It has been a tough quarter for the community with geofencing and delisting of FCT from Poloniex. This has undoubtedly had an adverse effect on the token price which leads to less available funding, lower sentiment and decreased community participation. However, we continue to build. The fundamentals remain unchanged and we continue to focus on building out our IoT solution leveraging Factom protocol technology. Last quarter included the completion of an in-progress review (face-to-face) with the DoE, where Dennis demonstrated a simple prototype. The demonstration was well received and the project as a whole is progressing well. For Q1 we will be focusing our energy on trying to secure Phase II of this grant.


TFA is operating at 25% efficiency and won’t adjust for the foreseeable future (unless the standing parties decide to move to one server).



Progress has been a bit slow as we encountered some issues with the dockerization, but Consensus Networks made some headway just before Christmas. We will be looking to test deployment now in the new year. Also, we haven’t been able to prioritise it as much as we wanted due to our other commitments with the DOE, but we still want to move forward as it could be an important endeavour.

Ledger support for Pegnet

The initial FAT upgrade grant to the Ledger only included support for FAT-0 and FAT-1 tokens. FAT-2 (aka Pegnet) is being added as a TFA pledge. Note, we don’t have a timeline on this as it will be dependent on Ledger’s schedule to review it (please see below).

Additional contributions

FAT firmware upgrade for Ledger Nano S/X (grant)

The FAT Ledger upgrade grant is still awaiting code review by Ledger. They indicated all their resources are currently focused on an internal project. As such, we are taking the opportunity to add PegNet support to the Factom app as a bonus. We will coordinate the completion of this with Ledger for review to encompass the new addition. This effort includes adding support for PegNet to the FAT-js library, adding test support for the ledger-factomjs library, and extending the firmware to properly parse PegNet transactions. The initial cut at the FAT-js is complete (but pull request to the primary repository has not yet been submitted). The PegNet addition to the firmware is currently being undertaken.


Dennis wrote an article on solving IoT-related problems with the Factom® protocol. It was published on


  • Added SSL Certificate monitor
  • Minor changes made from community feedback


Tor is a member of the core committee and has been coordinating network restarts during pauses, worked on core committee reformation as well as spent a lot of time and energy on maintaining the Factom tetsnet.

Continued hosting for

*In cooperation with Bedrock Solutions




Authority Node Operator for the Factom Protocol