Q3 2020

Dear Factom Community,

It’s been another turbulent quarter for Factom, and an extraordinary year in general with the ongoing pandemic which has caused all sorts of disruptions. As stated in our last report we applied for a Phase II grant for our Factom-based IOT-SAS solution, unfortunately although our application was reviewed and deemed sufficiently meritorious, it was not accepted. However, it has opened up other opportunities and there are other related programs we are pursuing, so watch this space. On another more pressing subject, we believe the Factom protocol is in a critical state and needs some drastic…


Q1 and Q2 2020

Dear Factom Community,

It has been another tough quarter for the community with multiple ANOs leaving, further delistings and a continued suppressed price. However, we are still pushing forward with our projects and recently submitted the application for the second phase of our ongoing DoE grant. Preparing the application was a very comprehensive and work-intensive undertaking spanning many months. During this period we kept up with our formal requirements in terms of governance participation. While our general interaction with the community has waned recently, our efforts have been focused outwards in an attempt to promote the…

An introduction to Factom governance in 142 words

Blockchain protocols typically contain logic that governs important aspects like consensus management, transactions, block rewards and similar items. In addition there is often an off-chain governance and interaction to decide how the on-chain elements are implemented and amended. The Factom protocol has a rather extensive set of governance documents that provides a framework for many important processes within the ecosystem. All these Governance documents may be found in Doc 200 — Factom Community Documents, but here is a short selection to get started:


Q4 2019

Dear Factom Community,

It has been a tough quarter for the community with geofencing and delisting of FCT from Poloniex. This has undoubtedly had an adverse effect on the token price which leads to less available funding, lower sentiment and decreased community participation. However, we continue to build. The fundamentals remain unchanged and we continue to focus on building out our IoT solution leveraging Factom protocol technology. Last quarter included the completion of an in-progress review (face-to-face) with the DoE, where Dennis demonstrated a simple prototype. The demonstration was well received and the project as a whole is…


Q3 2019

Dear Factom Community,

Since our last report we have been pleased to announce that our affiliated company TFA Labs received a ~$200k grant from the DOE to explore securing the US energy grid using Factom blockchain technology and IOT-SAS™. We are working alongside Factom Inc. and development is progressing well as we prepare for an upcoming IPR face-to-face with the customer at the end of October. This will represent the first major milestone of the effort. It has been a pleasure working with and meeting different entities in the ecosystem and to have had the opportunity to attend…


Q2 2019

Dear Factom Community,

Since our last report TFA Labs published a press release announcing Signed at Source™ (IOT-SAS™), a solution for securing IoT devices. The press release contains a video of IOT-SAS™ signing and writing data to the Factom® blockchain. It was indicated that we would be working on developing a small SMD device and we have made significant progress in that regard. IOT-SAS™ has garnered a lot of interest already and we believe it will go along way towards getting the Factom® protocol recognized as a viable data integrity layer for IoT.

As stated in previous reports…

Most of the Factom Authority Node Operators (ANOs for short) are monitoring their servers and factomd-nodes one way or the other.

In The Factoid Authority (TFA) we have mainly used our internally developed open-source “TFA-bot” for this purpose, and it has served us well.

“The Factoid Authority Bot,
Monitors your nodes,
Wakes you up when it all goes tits up.”

It’s purpose is to alert the ANO (and others who are running factomd) if the node stops responding, and it does this very well; consistently sending alert-messages on Discord as well as triggering phone calls to the engineers on duty…


Q1 2019

Dear Factom Community,

As many will be aware from our last report, much of our time has been spent working on an IoT-related project. More specifically, we have been developing hardware to support Factom blockchain signing.

Integrity of data from source and during transport is becoming more crucial as the number of IoT devices coming online is increasing exponentially. We believe Factom is perfect for IoT, due to low data entry costs and chain structuring. …


Q4 2018

Dear Factom Community,

As the world welcomes 2019, it’s a fitting time to reflect on the year just passed and what’s been achieved with the Factom protocol. Having only been decentralized for seven to eight months, it’s truly amazing what the community has achieved so far.

Factom is starting to take shape in terms of governance; suffice to say it’s the product of the collective will of the community and we’re building one of the most decentralized protocols. We have no template to work from — only the shortcomings of other projects — and so in this sense…


Q3 2018

Dear Factom Community,

We’re aligning our reports with the calendar year, as such the community can expect the following schedule:

Q1 Report: JAN — MAR (available early April)

Q2 Report: APR — JUN (available early July)

Q3 Report: JUL — SEP (available early October)

Q4 Report: OCT — DEC (available early January)

Of course, we welcome any specific updates on request and we encourage you to join us on the TFA Discord.

It’s been a few months since TFA was elected into the Authority Set and we feel an update from our end is long overdue. Since being…


Authority Node Operator for the Factom Protocol

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