Recipe: NASCAR “Thanksgiving Hammond Turkey”

When you want it All and, no bones about it!

With the NASCAR Season finishing up and Thanksgiving Holiday just around the corner I thought I would share with you a great recipe For your Family and NASCAR Friends. I came up with this a couple of years back and named it after the man in NASCAR I most respect Mr. Jeff “Hollywood” Hammond. To me Jeff is all the good things rolled into one and no bones about it and that’s what this recipe is. All the good stuff like Sliced Ham, Boneless Turkey Breast and well…Bacon wrapped into one and no bones about it.

I was blessed to have met Jeff back in 2009 and to have my BBQ Team compete for him in Talladega. Since then I have had the opportunity to catch up with him at lots of tracks and he has graciously made time for me. Mr Hammond was the first NASCAR star to humor me and let me do Video Interviews of him with me. He has taken the time to explain things to me and over the years watching him on TV I have learned so much about the sport. Watching him personally I have learned so much about what it means to be a Christian man around the sport. So to this good man I have named and give you the…

The Thanksgiving Hammond Turkey

Start with a large Turkey Breast and debone it leaving just the meat and the skin but no bones. Season up the inside of the bird with a little salt and pepper to taste then put about a half a cup of Brown Sugar in the center and spread around.

Take a pre cooked and sliced Ham and set it down centered on the Turkey Breast with the curved side towards the meat. Now bring all the meat and skin around and with some cooking string lace it up like some racing shoes. When you turn it over it looks like a normal turkey breast and is ready for some more depth. Any string comes right out when you are slicing and adds a little fiber if not.

Did I mention Bacon? Take 8 strips of bacon and lay them next to each other then one by one weave 8 more strips across the other way. Now you have a Bacon Blanket that is ready to take that and lay it over the ham stuffed turkey breast.

Now is a good time to season up the out side of the turkey breast with a good seasoning rub or simple salt and pepper. Take your glorious bacon blanket and wrap the turkey breast. Take your time and keep it all even like you are sponsor wrapping a race car.

Cook the Turkey Breast according to the instructions on the package concerning weights and temperatures and times. The Ham on the inside is cooked so you are just cooking the Turkey and browning the Bacon.

Mix up equal parts of Butter, Brown Sugar and some good Rum and start Basting the Bacon Barring Bird about half way through the cooking and every 10–15 minutes until it is perfectly glazed.

When it is finished cooking let it rest for 15 minutes and it’s ready to serve! Each slice will have some Crispy Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon, Turkey Breast and Sliced Ham but, with no Bones to bother with.

There you have it the Thanksgiving Hammond Turkey in all it’s glory for you and your Family and NASCAR Friends to enjoy. I hope you not only enjoy this recipe but I hope and pray it nourishes you and blesses you and your guests real good.

To Mr. Hammond thanks for the handshakes, advice and encouragement and have a blessed Thanksgiving and Holiday Season Good Sir.

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