You Will Never See A National Anthem Sitter in NASCAR

It Won’t Happen and Here is the Reason Why

You will never see a Driver or Crew Member in NASCAR not standing respectfully during the National Anthem. The reason why is the entire Sport is owned by the France family.

The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing [NASCAR] has been around and owned by the France family for over a half of a Century. It’s known for great racing sure but, also for their strong family values and level of patriotism. Even from the early years the founder of NASCAR Big Bill France Sr. had Military Flyovers the fans came to love. From the Opening Ceremony Invocation, Presenting of the American Flag, National Anthem & Flyover it has the feel of a great big American Family Reunion.

Who makes up this Family or Fan Base you ask? Fans like me is the easy answer. I’m your typical NASCAR Fan and to quote the Souther Rock Group Lynyrd Skynyrd.

“My Neck is Red, My Hair’s Turning White and My Collar’s always been Blue. Guess you can say I’m Red, White and Blue.”

So, it disappoints me and even angers me to see people disrespect the American Flag and all it stands for. It’s in all the sports headlines with NFL Players taking a knee or sitting down. How utterly disrespectful can you be to not stand and honor those who have given their very lives for the freedoms you enjoy everyday. Yet they are doing it and the NFL is not stepping in.

If a NASCAR Driver or Crew Member did not stand respectfully during the National Anthem they would not make it to the Car before a Official would be there. After the Race they would be directed straight to the NASCAR Trailer for a sit down “Come to Jesus” talk. NASCAR will say things like “Son, NASCAR has been around a long time without you, and we will be going on for a long time without if need be” and “We’re not going to have to have this talk again are we son?”.

It would be a one sided conversation with NASCAR reminding the Driver that this is NASCAR’s Sport. It owns the Stage. It paid for the Spot Light and has earned the respect of the Fans. And that you don’t have the right to use their stage for your political opinion.

But is there a Rule? Is the an actual rule that says they have to stand for the National Anthem? Rules?! They don’t need a rule that actually says all that they can use the ole trusty “12.1". NASCAR Rule Book Section 12.1 “Actions detrimental to Stock Car Auto Racing”. Gotcha!

It would hurt the Sport of NASCAR by angering their patriotic fan base. You see it already in the NFL with Fans considering boycotting the Sport and all of it’s Sponsors.

It’s happening in the NFL because as we say in the South “too many hands are stirring the pot”. The owners and what use to be the National Football League to the “Now Fumbling Lawyers”. Where every call on the field is up for review to determine either a players “intent” or some other letter of the word. But I digress.

National Anthem Sitter in NASCAR could possibly happen but only if the France family left control. For example if the current NASCAR Owner’s Racing Alliance took over the NASCAR Organization making it Owner based like the NFL.

Neither of those will happen and you will have to pry the cold France fingers off of NASCAR before it did. They are doing a great job and fans sure do appreciate it.


Please show Honor & Respect for all the Service Men & Women who have Died for this Great Nation by Standing respectfully during the National Anthem — Thanks and God Bless

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