The Box from Chef Jennifer Jasinki

Summers in full swing and the great outdoors are calling! For our troop of culinary misfits that means we’re heading to Denver to enjoy the city’s idyllic scenery, welcoming community and recreational spirit. That includes the blossoming restaurant scene where an attention to local produce is king and creative concepts are key. No one is doing it better than Chef Jennifer Jasinski, who owns some of the city’s most iconic eateries. Her flagship restaurant, Rioja, which utilizes a dedication to seasonally sourcing and 
imaginative Mediterranean dishes showcases why Denver is having it’s moment to shine — there’s creativity in comfort.

Chef Jennifer Jasinski

Chef Jennifer Jasinski

Chef Jasinski is the mastermind behind Denver’s Crafted Concept Restaurants, which own and operate restaurants throughout Denver, 
Colorado, inspired by championing local farms and purveyors through visionary concepts. The lauded chef and restaurateur behind the group is this month’s Featured Chef, Jennifer Jasinski — a leader in drawing attention to Denver’s culinary scene and developing concepts that are both unique and familiar. With four restaurants under her belt and a James Beard Award to her name, it’s no wonder why she is considered the city’s best chef and one that we’re inspired to collaborate with.

Discover Chef Jasinski’s American Made Selections

Chef Jasinski’s Artisanal Selections

From Hot ’n’ Spicy Ginger beer from Pickett’s American Craft to Red Camper’s Strawberry Limoncello Deliciousness (love that name), Chef Jasinski is highlighting some of the best products being made in Denver right now (plus one from Brooklyn, looking at you Jojo’s Green Chili Sriracha!).

Chef Jasinski showcases each of the products in their own recipe. From a simple sandwich of Guanciale (cured pork jowl — YUM) with a fennel salad featuring OO Mommie’s Peach Mostarda to teaching members how to craft ice cream without an ice cream maker (the trick is dry ice!). Check out a couple recipe photos below and be sure to check back as we share the recipes themselves throughout the month of August!

Orange Zest + Ginger Ice Cream Float
Thai Basil Gin Fizz

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