So I am going to try my best to do a short blog every day to describe the many photos I have saved from my blessed wedding adventures. I mean there’s obviously a reason I’m still hanging on to these photos, correct?!?! They mean something to me, they had an effect on me, they played a significant role in my life, resulting in the person I am today. Thank you to every one, I Have NO REGRETS🙌🙌👯👯. I will not name you if you are in these Photos, because I Respect you. Feel free to share if you like. Many Thanks❤️ And Stay Golden, Dixie

So let’s get back to the subject😄 Why I LOVE THIS PHOTO❤️

These 2 are so lucky! They both come from GREAT families, they both are so talented, gifted, beautiful on the OUTSIDE ( obviously), and the inside, and sweet and have such a deep love for one another. He and his Family Have the best Pizza joint in the SOUTH, The Crushed Tomato, in Summerville GA. Really!!!! And She is a talented stylist, with a heart of gold . As I said earlier. They both have amazing parents. They co parent a child as well as having one between the 2 of them and I couldn’t be prouder of them! They all own a piece of my heart❤️. Much Love ❤️👯Dixie