The Financial Model

Allow me to introduce myself…

Right now there are three parts to me. I plan to evolve and add more.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

Excel is my homeboy.

I’m the Financial Analyst at an adtech startup based out of San Francisco. I’ve been working in online advertising for over 4 years, and I enjoy finding trends and crunching the numbers. When I was a kid I had a toy computer, and one of the “apps” was a math program that would give you basic calculations to solve. I used to just sit and write out math problems for hours. I was a weird kid.


My modeling agencies are Wilhelmina LA, JE Model in SF, and I have a commercial agency called NTA Talent in LA. My girlfriend got me into it originally, and it has been a BLAST. This side of things has opened me up “out of my shell,” and has improved my improvisation and speaking skills. For booking inquiries, please contact Wilhelmina LA.


In late 2013 I founded Ravenstone Digital LLC, a small online advertising company in the affiliate marketing space. I had some experience with virtual currency monetization, and expanded on that, so now I acquire users for brands through app downloads, web leads, game downloads, and more. It’s been an exciting endeavor and I’ve learned a ton about owning a small business.

What it means for you…

You don’t have to have one job. You can choose to watch TV after coming home from the office, or you can work towards something. Build something.

I want to inspire people to work on something for themselves.

Now that there are free online coding courses (Codecademy, one-off classes at Coursera, Udemy, etc), and paid courses (Treehouse, General Assembly, etc), anybody with an internet connection has the ability to pivot their career into something in-demand. You should never be afraid of losing your job — either because you kick ass at it, or you have the skills to get you another job/create your own job.

I am an example of someone who built something “on the side.” One of the most important things to understand is:

It doesn’t have to be a new idea.

You don’t have to build the next hot new technology. For example, starting my advertising business is analogous to opening a restaurant, but in the online advertising space. It’s not a new business model; I just saw that there was enough opportunity (and I had the skills) to go for it.

Do a SWOT analysis on yourself — analyze your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Think about what you could build, or what new skills you can acquire to better yourself. Don’t complain about an issue; see it as an opportunity to provide a solution.

There are a lot of problems in the world. Just fix one.