Cold & Tired at Katie’s Cars & Coffee

There’s nothing I hate more than waking up early on a Saturday. Yet, somehow I found myself — slightly hungover — driving toward Great Falls, Virginia just as the sun was rising.

A recent transplant to Virginia, I’d been told that Katie’s Cars & Coffee served as the area’s quintessential Cars & Coffee event. Hosted by Katie’s Coffee House, the event offered at the very least an opportunity to taste some quality locally brewed coffee.

Tired and shivering in the early-morning chill, I found Katie’s, and ordered a small coffee and a massive Boston cream doughnut. If the cars weren’t anything to write home about, at least the coffee and doughnut were a treat.

With a median household income of more than $200,000, the residents of Great Falls have the disposable income to afford some high-end metal — and it showed. As I wandered the freshly paved parking lot outside of Katie’s I came across a real Shelby Cobra (albeit a recently re-introduced special edition model), a split-window 1963 Corvette, a Kaiser Darrin (the unofficial inspiration for the Tesla Model X’s grille), a classic Porsche 911 with Audi-like LED driving lights, and a brand-new Lamborghini Aventador LP 750–4 SV, among numerous other high-end and rare cars.

See my small gallery below to see a few of the great vehicle’s that were on display the morning of November 21.

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Originally published at on November 23, 2015.