Fighting Fires With Clouds

FireStop: the next evolution of firefighting.

Apr 8, 2014 · 2 min read

The loud beeps and unusual smell jolt you awake. It’s 3’oclock in the morning but it doesn’t take you long to realize that’s your smoke detector and something’s not right. You immediately call 911 and the dispatcher assures you that help is on the way.

You’re no firefighter, but you probably expect fire trucks to quickly show up with hoses, ladders and plenty of water to get the job done. You’re understandably a little surprised when the fire chief arrives and he’s holding an iPad.

FireStop’s goal is to make these occurrences of iPads commonplace during firefighting operations. After months of development and beta testing, we are excited to finally launch our product. We are here to keep you safer and make firefighter’s jobs easier with our new firefighting platform.

Firefighting has come a long way since the days of horses, carriages and bucket brigades and we are excited to propel firefighting to the next level. Today, firefighters must rely on memory, pen and paper or at best, outdated software to gather important information needed for effective decisions when responding to emergencies.

FireStop is here to change that. We are the first truly cloud-based mobile platform for firefighters to collect, leverage and share critical information when responding to emergencies. Firefighters can now utilize our platform in all aspects of operations for efficient data collection, faster emergency response and smarter incident anticipation.

And we are not stopping there. In just four years as a firefighter, I have been amazed at how much data is generated from firefighting operations and how little of it is analyzed or understood. Imagine a world where we can predict when and where the next fire will happen and how best to respond. We see this scenario happening not far into the future. By leveraging the data generated by our departments, we hope to fundamentally change the way our first responders protect the communities they serve.

Welcome to the next evolution of firefighting.

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