The Red Umbrella

A (Very Short) Story
Inspired by this
Writing Prompt

Their small boat crawled down the river amidst the weeping trees. A heavy fog covered her shoulders as the deep red reflection of her umbrella danced in the wake of the water. 
The woods were silent with anticipation — as the young bride left the mountains that were her home — all of their sounds and wonder fading in the mist. 
Dawn was breaking through a jungle canopy, the city that was their destination only miles down the river. 
The house servant who manned the boat looked up at her sadly every few minutes. He had known her since she was a child. But she was a woman now, and would not meet his eye. 
As the birds began their songs, and the water traced a new path, she closed her eyes, letting the sun warm and calm her, enjoying her last moments of freedom.

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