And there she is Depression… I recognize her like an old friend. Beautiful and dark. Especially when I was child. She reminds me of Wednesday Adams. Sad and sullen, we knew how to make our faces laugh, while we cried far beyond the eyes can see.

But this is not Wednesday Adams. This a difference creature unbeknown to my senses. Inhale…… exhale…… This creature’s pain reminds me of charred firewood. Nightfall in Africa. An 18th century furnace. I see her, this charred firewood. Striking in appearance like a confusing painting. You stand still. Lost in time. I feel her as I drown deep in the sadness. An weighty water that suspends the mind and body in the blackest of broods.

Life is steadily streaming by. A carousel with smiling happy children. Two trains ago. The next song on the album. Yet here you still stand wallowing in the painting. Lost in its colors. Blurred by its lines. The tour group has left you behind…..

Excerpt from “Beyond the Eyes Can See”

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