The fool who cared far too much

Now my first blog was a self deprecating taster with bits of dark-ish humour and a tiny rant about the American independence day. But today I will actually try to convince my legion of readers (there we go again with the bloated sense of self-importance) that I actually have a few decent thoughts to share worth considering (it was either that or writing a blog about the best shaving foam on the market so you really should not complain).

I wonder, is an idea empirically good or does its quality depend solely on the perception of those who judge it. To give a little context, I will describe my weltanschauung (a potent German word worth a google).

I’ve learned that life is indescribably precious. I could write a thorough blog about the beauty of life describing, with jaw dropping facts, what a special existence everyone enjoys (even though for most humans, it has been a terribly bleak one). And with that knowledge, I condemned myself to dedicate my life to the advancement of life itself. Without going into specifics, I sincerely, to the best of my abilities but with variable consistency, try to be the change I want to see in the world. And in one line, I want to be the cause of a smile on someones face either directly but even more importantly, indirectly. Now am I a fucking idiot? (I know what you’re thinking if you got this far)

I am a loud, preachy, stubborn ranter about all things that are wrong (they’re wrong because I say so and when am I ever wrong?). I blather on about politics, economics, moral conundrums, foreign policy and other things which are Yiddish to most people. I do all this knowing that I have just three and a half long suffering friends who occasionally listen to me, that the instruments which subtly and potently manufacture the consent of hundreds of millions of people are against me and in the context of the universe all my efforts are immeasurably unimportant. A good friend told me most guys my age talk about beer and titties. And fuck does that sound more appealing or what. In fact I will immediately get traffic if I tag this blog with beer and titties (that’s an experiment for another time).

Am I “The Idiot” described by Dostoevsky. In a world where famous cocksuckers (wink wink) get more attention than the incoming thinly veiled socioeconomic assault on millions of people I feel, as many in my situation have at various times, that perhaps it is better to watch the world burn and waterboard myself with gratification of the senses. But its too late. Beer and titties are nice. But being an active participant in the forever disappointingly slow advancement of humanity (exhausting, infuriating, frustrating and excruciatingly dull as it may be) is more important.

I foolishly persist in the love of my foolish endeavour. Its a one way street my friends. You can not go back to being blissfully ignorant of all the injustices life has to offer. If there was a Facebook group called satan’s cocksucking minions you would realise they all have jobs in parliament (that is not to say every person in parliament is a member of said group). That alone is enough for me to continue being the ranty, preachy, hopelessly idealistic fool. I’m the equivalent of a moral garbage man because someone has to be. I make no apologies.

I care about you and me. Our collective future. And that of others who will never know me or you. I can understand why you would shirk such an unrewarding endeavour. But if you think deeply about it, I feel confident that you would care as well. And then we can be two fools laughing at ourselves only half as lonely as we were a few moments ago. And in our foolishness we practice our unique humanity.

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