These days with more restaurants opening up and all the connections there are to read reviews, look at photos of food and being able to compare restaurants side by side I always think to can people really eat here and think it’s good. Perhaps they are impressed with the surroundings, crowd or location. Of course these things matter on the outside however when it comes down to it all that matters is how does the food taste and all the details that come before it because after you’re done in some way or another I know you’re thinking either that was good or it wasn’t. It’s as simple as that. I’ve worked in a lot of restaurants cooking and will tell you what to look for before you go to the restaurant.

Before you go check the reviews online especially Yelp because that’s the platform most people use. Now, what to look for on Yelp. The first thing is to look for places especially with original names that are at least 4 stars but 4 and a half makes a lot more difference. If there are a lot of five star reviews that are short without much detail about the service or food then that is most likely a fake review. If the reviews are a good length and go into detail and as long as there are many 4–5 star reviews that are like that is always a good sign. Next look at the photos of the food, look to see if it’s consistent. Look on the reviews that have a photo of the food and always read what they said about it along with other people who included their food in the review. Every good restaurant will have good flow and energy and try and get a good vibe before going to a place.

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