Accepting or denying reality?

Having read my first writings today about getting the news that our baby has down syndrome, the whole story feels remote already. I feel like “gotten over it”. Is it, because I’m denying reality? Is it,because I got used to?

I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter at all. I’m happy with our baby. She looks so cute. She interacts with us. She makes us smile and love her.

In some pictures we are taking, I see the typical eyes — and then it hits me shortly. But it feels more like a little stitch. Nothing lasting, nothing of the deep sorrow of the beginning.

I feel relieved that it seems not to cast a lasting shadow on our family. Quite the opposite, I feel more connected to my wife and the relationship with our baby grows by the hour.

How much of the positive things is happening, because our baby has down syndrome? Or does it happen to every family with a baby? I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter.

Our baby feels more and more normal to us — as every baby feels more and more normal to their parents.

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