100 Days of Liberal Hysteria

Trump’s first hundred days in Office have ended. the Mainstream Media have already analyzed everything about it and every freaking tabloid has a coverage and full review of his 100 days presidency. If it wasn’t about Trump I would’ve thought an evil ex wants to bury some man’s reputation using Liberal news companies. Everything about those reports was about pushing the stupid “Impeach Trump” agenda. Which is, of course, never gonna happen.

To my mind Trump has demonstrated a good start. Given that it’s actually a beginning of his political career he managed to accomplish quite a lot of things. Our economy isn’t limping anymore. Consumer confidence is at the highest level in 17 years and over half a million jobs have been created. Looks like Trump business skills work out great in economics too.

No more lobbying in government is another great thing. Maybe it’s not draining the swamp as many of us saw it but still it’s a big step forward in fighting corruption. His five year ban on lobbying the government by former White House officials and a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign governments by former White House Officials mean there won’t be pay-for-play schemes Obama and Hillary were never shy to use and make fortunes.

But one of the major accomplishments in these 100 days is of course Trump’s immigration policies. No matter how loud they cry “Racism.” The sheeple will never realize the world consist not only of what’s good and right. Never will they understand that some people just want them dead. It’s what had to be done and now I’m not that upset about the future of my kids. Illegals shouldn’t be allowed to stay in this country. It’s irrelevant whether they have criminals records or not. If you break the immigration law, then pack your bags and don’t miss your train.

Finally Trump showed us that News Corporations are not making news. They push agendas. And the fact that 96% of Americans don’t give a shit about their propaganda proves it. They work round the clock and it doesn’t get them anywhere. It may take a little more time but we are getting our country back. The America we all have missed for so long is coming back!

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