Antifa Mindset is Beyond Special

As they say, you should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity. But this guy is just brilliant! You can check the whole video here. It’s only 5 min long but, boy, It’s my favorite now! I would call it “All you need to know about the AntiFa movement in five minutes or so.”

The movement has discredited itself from the very start. They have shown the nation who they really are countless times when they attacked peaceful protesters and disrupted events suppressing free speech, before Trump supporters once again showed the nation who the AntiFa really are. This is what you get when you mess with free people, trying to shut them up and follow your blind and intolerant circle-jerk ideology:

But this Kevin guy is a manifestation of all the radical far-left. According to him violence they spread is just self-defense. So, apparently, Eric Clanton who smashed a Trump supporter on the head with a metal U-lock was defending himself! Too bad he was brought to justice and we all know who he is. Otherwise it would be clear that he acted as a far-right plant to make the good guys look bad. Just like the one who burned a Muslim immigrant’s limo on Trump’s Inauguration day. That’s not to mention the poor police horse that was stabbed by some lunatic. But, as Kevin puts it, cops are violent towards them, soooo… Yep, self-defense!

Their logic is as follows: if we cracks your head open that’s probably because you’re racist and we defend ourselves. If we burn property and smash windows it’s not actually us. It’s the racist who masquerade as AntiFa to make us look back.

Go on with that, you idiots! We can’t even take you clowns seriously. The nation should know its heroes, so more people will see how blatantly moronic your pseudo-ideology is and it should be abandoned for reason.

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