Hillary’s actions vs Trump’s words: What is louder?

Presidential election went chaotic almost from the start. Donald Trump drew attention due to his “offensive” and “non-presidential” comments and to the date it actually remains the only argument against him liberal voters are able to come up with. Mainstream Media publishes tones of articles every day going on and on with a ridiculously futile point like “Trump says mean things”. Remember the latest panic attack that shook liberals across the country after his ‘2nd amendment people’ comment? And while voters are being tricked into thinking they are offended and should be righteously outraged Hillary successfully destroys freedom of speech in the US. By the way when Trump only mentioned he wanted to ‘open up’ libel laws everyone went nuts. And you still think MSM isn’t working in favor of Clinton? Her campaign is now fully based on blaming Trump for racism or mocking the man’s hands size, and that’s all she’s got. She has no vital arguments except representing Trump as a bigoted white supremacist only focusing on emotions, apparently not even trying to bring a single fact that would prove her words. But since when do we estimate the ability to run the Office by a candidate’s personal characteristics? You don’t have to be a nice person to make a good president; election is not a good manners contest anyway. Neither is politics. Being nice to everyone despite of their views is spinelessness and promoting any ideas only if it brings you votes is hypocrisy by definition.

It’s not a secret to anyone that the Media in the first place is a powerful and extremely effective tool used to discredit ‘undesirable’ public opinions or your opponents’ reputations and push whatever agenda you’re pursuing at the moment. In other words to manipulate. One of the strategies is obviously distracting you from what is really important. Indeed, Hillary and her staffers haven’t commented much on her mishandling top-secret information or the Clinton Foundation foreign donations. Neither they’re willing to explain the controversy of the Democratic Party favoritism towards Islamic regimes at the expense of tortured and executed minorities in the Middle East. Where’s the outrage, I ask you? Human rights are violated! Every time conservatives use logic and facts to make a case against Hillary Clinton they end up being labeled mere conspirologists and paranoids. At the same time Hil’s new ad sends you a clear message: “If Trumps wins white supremacists will get to run our country”. No facts, no evidence Trump is promoting racism, the video is only appealing to viewers’ emotions and spreading fear. How paranoid is that? But the funniest thing is Hillary’s attempts to picture Trump as a new Hitler desperately fail as she turns out to be the only presidential candidate bound to the KKK. This ad looks pathetic compared to this:

Check it here

If some of you lives on Mars here’s another news flash: our society is at war right now. And I don’t mean terrorism or Islam which, of course, has nothing to do with it. What I’m talking about is war on women. Indeed, everyday as a white male I harass as many women as I can. What a pleasure it is to push them around and enjoy all the perks of institutionalized sexism and discrimination cause I am the one who’s doing it. Remember the last time you stoned you wife to a bloody pulp for not behaving? And all those acid attacks — it’s so much fun! Women deserve to suffer and their lives must be fully dominated by men. That’s the way our creator wants it to be, right? Absolutely right if your name is Ahmed and you live somewhere in Saudi Arabia for example. This is were the real war on women takes place and believe me Hillary knows it very well. Yet it doesn’t prevent her to take millions from Saudi leaders who for some reason are very interested in making her the US president. Given that Saudi Arabia is the fountainhead of the most extremist form of radical Islam that is Wahhabism I consider it very disturbing. But again, Hillary Clinton blames trump for ISIS, because he offends Muslims and makes them into terrorists. Just let this sink in. Her family foundation is openly sponsored t by the same hands that rock the cradle of the world terrorism yet Trump is the one responsible for making Lybia and Syria into a jihad hell hole. What a nice argument. By the way her closest aide is also involved into dealing with terrorist-funding groups, however it’s of course another conspiracy theory.

Finally, it’s Hillary’s collection of skeletons in her closet is probably the greatest one in the whole US history. The murder of Seth Richards only proves my words. Dead silence was what the MSM were airing when he was found dead. It just can’t be a coincidence. On the other hand Trump never killed anyone. He never broke the law. And he never said a thing about deporting all Mexicans, what he said was deporting all illegals so cut your straw-man bullshit! And I just don’t get why liberals have a problem with deporting illegal aliens?

So what we’ve got here is another example of how the Media-brainwashed overgrown children who were taught to live by emotions and feelings rather than by facts and common sense are helping to ruin this great nation. Hillary is their hypnotoad. Everything she brings as an argument completely consumes their minds making them irresponsible to what is true. They will blindly follow her calling Trump a misogynist, racist and an advocate for the culture of oppression ignoring the fact that he actually has always supported minorities’ rights. Yes, it was Donald Trump who insisted on including jews and blacks into golf course in 1990s.

The cornerstone of this election is lying, twisting the facts and openly rigging the system. And if you call yourself a liberal and support Hillary you’re personally responsible for it. We chose a president based on his skin color once and it didn’t work out so great, did it? So why not give it a try and get another candidate elected based on her gender. Just about sums it up.

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