See something, say nothing

I keep on educating myself via liberal media and today all of a sudden I stepped on a very thin ice while I was choosing a topic to discuss. I can’t say I’m making a big progress in my attempts to fully embrace progressive values and become an example of a citizen as seen by, but I’m trying my best so I hope I will be excised for failing to understand some of the points represented in a very particular article it published. Let’s put aside our stereotypes and prejudices and get enlightened.

The article is revolving around one of the instruments of oppression our extremely bigoted society uses to push minorities around. And this is “See something, say something” program. Of course, you might think it was launched to prevent terrorist attacks against peaceful civilians but doing so you make a grave mistake, spawning Islamophobia in your attempts to punish innocent Muslims. Apparently this initiative turns out to be nothing but yet another reason why young Muslims become jihadists and pledge allegiance to ISIS. And if you still think otherwise you know what exact phobia you need to get rid of. In other words the point is this initiative is completely ineffective and you can’t be 100% sure whether people you’re about to report are ‘suspicious’ enough or not. Seems legit, huh?

Actually I’m afraid it doesn’t make any sense. And here’s why. First of all, in case you’re living on the dark side of the moon — the world is torn apart by Muslim terrorist attacks. People must be scared to death if they take travelers clapping for the Olympics for an active shooter; still all you can do is point out how ignorant and biased they are. Sounds pretty much of a real progressive to me though: if you disagree with what I tell you — you’re a bigot. And this indoctrination of liberal views actually hurts people more than any unwarranted suspicion. Of course you’ll never mention it, but that’s why I’m here. Such rhetoric encourages carelessness. People don’t report suspicious activities they happen to witness over the fear of being called racists and innocent people get killed, like it happened in San Bernardino. People like you spread the fear of becoming a social outcast so Americans chose to remain silent when they have an opportunity to help. Is this the kind of society you call progressive?

It’s not secret to anyone and Hillary has put the Media on a short leash. No mainstream news outlet dares to challenge her or ask questions about mysterious deaths or foreign donors. All those who try to draw it to the light are silenced or mocked as some bizarre conspiracy theories advocates. But in fact Hillary isn’t the one who makes decisions. All this time George Soros has been instructing her and others to achieve his own goals. Now what do we know About Soros? He’s one of Hillary’s top donors. CIA linked him to some of terrorist attacks. Put the pieces together and think about it for a while. Everything about Obama’s policy is a joke written by an old oligarch who perceives his own interests. Does he care about America? Please, you can’t be so naive.

So, today we learned a very important lesson: Liberal media can be and actually is a good teacher. The only thing you have to do is to make your own researches on everything it tries to push upon you. Remember, Liberal Media wants you to think what you’re told to. Nothing more, nothing less. And I want you to think why George Soros is so damn sure we have to play his games by his own rules and live our lives in a way that suits his imperialistic interests. I don’t actually care what his motives are, I don’t give a crap about his true intentions. All I know is he’s the one who’s doing it to our country. He’s the reason why Americans become silent and helpless while immigrants are ready to take over. And this year might be our last chance to make the right choice and get our country back.

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