Treat the illness, not only the symptoms

After Trump took the office things immediately started to change. He might be the first president to literally keep his campaign promises. And it might not seem obvious but a lot of people are scared shitless right now. However, you’ll never be able to hear about that because they are actually in control of what you can hear and what you cannot. For the last eight years they had the White House in their pockets, team Obama and Hillary did pretty much everything they asked and the Media was bombarding the public about social justice that yet has to be served. But now we have a leader who cares about what people say, he has no masters and no authorities above him. And he does what he promised.

Few days ago Huffington Post published a really exposing piece on Trump’s business. This story could be another pile of garbage which it actually is, but if you look closer something interesting comes to light. We all saw what Hillary’s presidential campaign looked like: a never ending stream of lies right into our faces day by day and night by night. Nothing could change her mesmerized supporters’ minds, even the FBI investigation which, by the way, was a total shit show never meant to end in an indictment. But as she had lost, her masters now don’t have a puppet to voice their will to the public, although they still have to push their agenda. Also some of them may have suffered unpredicted consequences after Trump won the election. One of them is George Soros.

He said he’d like to see Trump fail as president. So, the election is over, inauguration is over, Trump is in the office, but there are still hundreds of sore Anti-Trumpers in the streets who obviously care only about going out and smashing Starbucks windows. It’s social unrest and disorder for the sake of even more unrest and disorder. And we all know that Soros funds Black Lives Matter movement. A movement that justifies some thugs’ illegal actions and condemns police officers for doing their job, even inspiring to kill cops (which resulted in actual deaths in 2016). And I’m not painting the whole movement with one brush, the problem is that the movement itself is manipulated and tricked into becoming a hateful group many called domestic terrorists. Doesn’t really help you creating a positive image of your movement, does it? Here’s another cool story about Soros’ ties with more than 50 “partners” of anti-Trump women’s march, you can read it here. You can’t make it up.

Going back to the HuffPost article about Trump’s conflict of interests I’d like to point out that no liberal media outlet ever slammed Hillary when she was publically exposed in 2016. They started to report on anything related to her wrongdoings only when they had no other options. 2016 Presidential campaign is probably the first presidential campaign ever where the Mainstream Media was openly campaigning for a candidate. Now ask yourself a question who may fund American Major News companies, perhaps for a favor? Almost all the key figures of the MSM are in Soros pocket as well. And if you look through the list and then listen to what those people say about the 45th president of the US you may find an interesting tendency. None of them supports Trump. Coincidence?

So, the article was published exactly the same day when this one was. It means Trump filed documents even earlier, since journalists had enough time to get the material and publish the story. The only result for the Huffington Post here is that they look like big man’s lap dogs who know all the necessary tricks perfectly well. And the only thing I can think about is they’re brainwashing me not even trying to disguise it somehow. I have 0 trust in such a “news source”.

And it’s not all, there’s way more of it. There’s always a George Soros trace where anti-Trump sentiments and protests are. It’s obvious just like 2+2=4. Soros and other oligarchs are desperately trying to sabotage Trump’s presidency and their minions are serving them faithfully by deluding and misguiding millions of Americans every day. And if it’s not anti-American I don’t know what is. The real illness is hiding and we must bring it to light together. Let’s give George Soros public attention he deserves!

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