Chile will win the Championship!!

Photo By: Anish Morarji

I think Chile will win the Championship because they won La Copa De America last year and they beat Argentina which they carry the best player of the world Leonel Messi.

The team plays good together as a team. Also Argentina almost won the last World Cup; the reason why they lost was that they don’t play that good as a team.

Argentina heavily relies on Messi to score the Goals and they do not have any other stars besides Messi that play for their team. Each player in the Chile team plays their position incredible and that leads them to be one of the better teams in soccer.

Unlike a lot of individual soccer teams, Chile has been rising to the top as far as the number of top players they have playing for their team.

Gary Medel is one of the best defenders the game has seen who is playing for the Italian league at the moments. “ Chile’s most formidable defensive force — and perhaps the country’s most loved player, the inspiration behind the football federation’s World Cup 2014 mascot of a dog with a mohawk hairstyle”.

Logo de la Federación de Fútbol de Chile

Arturo Vidal is known worldwide as being one of the most aggressive and ruthless midfielders to play in the sport he plays for one of the top teams in the world Byron Munich. Alexis Sanchez is another star that will be playing for the Chilean team during the world cup; he is one of the top forwards in the sport today.

Last but not least Eduardo Vargas is another star that the Chilean team has currently; he is playing forward for the Mexican team Tigres.

And those are a few reasons why I think that Chile will win the Championship.

It is important to note who has the best all-around solid players versus who just has the biggest star on their team.

Chile has won the Copa de America two years in a row back to back and I don’t see any other countries with a team that consist of as many top players as Chile has.

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