Friendly Reminder to Eat a Goddamn Salad

👊🏼 Fistbump to Thug Kitchen.

We don’t understand why eating real, healthy food has to be such a big fucking deal.

Says Michelle David and Matt Holloway of Thug Kitchen.

As a Dietitian and a food blogger with a small ramshackle of a kitchen, I can identify with their no-fuss approach to eating well. You don’t need a giant kitchen with white subway tile backsplashes to cook nourishing food. Nor do you need the latest kitchen gadget or trendiest food product on the market. All you need is a little food and nutrition knowledge and the drive to put that knowledge into action.

We’ve known for a long time that eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts on a daily basis is a healthy practice that can prevent and even reverse some diseases. So why aren’t we eating more plant foods? I can think of a dozen excuses but I won’t list them because the excuses have got to stop. There comes a point where we have to assume responsibility for our own health; just like we have to assume responsibility for our own finances, relationships, actions, and life.

Try Eating More Plants This Week

I created an online nutrition course that may help you with this. It helps you determine which nutrients your diet is lacking how to fill those gaps. It is plant-based focused and there are some great tips for getting more plant foods into your life on a daily basis.

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I’m giving this course away for FREE

with hopes that it will help people eat more plants. My goal isn’t to turn everyone into a full-blown vegetarian; I just want people to eat more plants so they can take back control of their health.

Once you enroll in this course, you have lifetime access to it:

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