India needs to be union of independent states today and now

We do not leaders today but we need the people who can execute a set of policies and roadmap that is ahead of us. Policies and protocol that need to implemented , we do need speakers and preachers but we need the agreed upon agreements and goals to follow.

Currently India population is struggling to get a continuous supply of goods, services and security. There is need of a protocol which is as simple as a textbook of 5th grade book note.

All states need to ensure few of the basic human structural needs. First of most is availability of clean Water, utilization of natural resources with billing reports, wastage protocol, recyclable protocol, greenery and pollution protocol.

Now amazing things can be done if the policies implementation jobs can be available with awesome perks and salaries and people from whole world would be able to take these jobs. No Local fucking Indian thing anymore.

Make these jobs available as the world jobs. Experienced people from Russia, Japan, USA, Germany shall come and teach Indians to do things rightly in a way that the protocol has been designed. Their work done in India shall be as valuable as working in other countries.

No opinions, only scientific data and real survey reports. Direct to the point.

All states will behave as independent countries but still many things will be controlled by Central Government. For example GST, Protocol implementation jobs while other state specific jobs can be taken care by states like geography based evaluation, water base reports etc.

It will be a good composition between centralized authority and decentralized authority.