Through The Lens; Favorite Photos of Governor Ajimobi For The Year 2016.

2017 is here! We grew, we were challenged, we achieved unimaginable feats and we are better for it. My Favorite part of 2016 was taking this idea (Photos of the Year) to the next level and making a book out of it and boy was it hard work but it was worth it all and The Governor loved it. As Pete Souza winds down his term with President Obama, I just want to use this medium to thank him for setting the pace and using this platform to inspire us to do more, be better than our last and continue trail blaze. He’s relentlessly done this compilation every year and it was personally something I looked forward to at the end of every year. I’m truly going to miss him and President Obama and wish them the best as they continue to set the pace and do great things in life. Here are my Photos of Year. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed compiling them.

All Photographs by Tolani Alli

Personal Documentary Photographer

Governor of Oyo State -


The month that shapes it all.
You know it’s official business when the whole fleet comes to work as Governor Ajimobi’s motorcade rolls into his office on the first working day of The Year 2016. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We keep working for the people that have come to depend on solely on us and our commitment to excellence as Governor Ajimobi resumes work on the first day of 2016. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
“A purpose driven life” is the theme of Governor Ajimobi’s Speech during the Interfaith Prayer Session. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi’s confidence is not they will like me; His confidence is I’ll be fine if they don’t as he inspects various offices around the secretariat. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
“Your Excellency, I want you to seat here because you are the definition of a King” as former Governor Akala tells Governor Ajimobi during a visit to his Ogbomoso home. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
If your words have no meaning, people will not listen. Governor Ajimobi delivers remarks at Lautech. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
When you lead by example, you become the flag people pledge their allegiance to as Governor Ajimobi stands during the Armed Forces Remembrance Day at The Government House Arcade. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
As we raise the Nigerian flag, we remember not the mistakes of our yesterday but forge ahead to greener pastures as Governor Ajimobi inspects the Guard of Honor. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
“Gone but not Forgotten, Governor Ajimobi pays homage to our fallen heroes as he lays the wreath at The Armed Forces Remembrance Day. (Photo by; Tolani Alli)
“Brows raised, warm embrace even the affluent love a good party as Governor Ajimobi exchanges pleasantries with The Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Dr. Bukola Saraki. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
“Times may change, but there are a few men who do not let the times change them” Senator Lekan Balogun presents Governor Ajimobi the official notification of The death of the Olubadan of Ibadanland Oba Samuel Odulana Odugade. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi has no time to waste, but a good presentation can keep him seated even for just a few minutes as himself, Minister Bayo Shittu and Senator Kwankwaso watch a presentation during an ICT Retreat at The IITA. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
It’s never enough to just seat behind the desk, Governor Ajimobi walks, he moves, he shakes change into place while speaks to Sanitation Officers during inspection. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
Leaders that become friends, friends that become family, Governor Ajimobi and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu embrace on his arrival into Ibadan. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
.“A wise man is one who seeks council and is quiet enough to listen to said council” Governor Ajimobi, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Baba Bisi Akande, Chief Akin Oke and Chief Pius Akinyelure discuss after paying a visit to The Late Olubadan’s Family. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
Tough calls are left to tough men as Governor Ajimobi signs the letter informing President Muhammudu Buhari of the death of The Olubadan of Ibadanland Oba Samuel Odulana. (Photo by Tolani Alli)


This is the time for our plans to become actions, as we anticipate in good faith the coming of many triumphs.
Always and forever to the top they go together as The First Lady Chief Mrs. Florence Ajimobi takes something off Governor Ajimobi’s face. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
“Many great men have we known, maybe more still to be born, and in between those men lie the great men of today” Governor Ajimobi speaks with Chief Olaniwun Ajayi during a visit to his residence in Ishara-Remo along with Governor Aregbesola. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
The door to greatness is whatever door he walks through as The Governor walks into The Exco Chambers for a briefing. (Photo by Tolani Alli)
We don’t share because it’s the right thing to do, we share because it’s the only option we give ourselves.” Governor Ajimobi gives Minister Rotimi Amaechi a pen to sign the visitors register after he paid a courtesy call to the Governor. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Why wait when you can do it yourself, As Governor Ajimobi puts up the Curtain. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The sun as set, but the work has only just begun as Governor Ajimobi heads home at 1am after a long day. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Amongst a multitude of people, it’s always important to remember that although we may not all agree, sometimes we have to put down our swords and come together even if for a moment of silence” Governor Ajimobi delivers his remarks during the Oratory Session on The Late Olubadan. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
First things first, Governor Ajimobi back to business as usual (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
It’s not sealed until it’s been signed, Governor Ajimobi signs the list of The Acting Caretaker Local Government Chairmen. (Photo by; Tolani Alli)
Sir a joke for the road? Governor Ajimobi shares a joke with service chiefs while waiting for the arrival of The Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo SAN at Ibadan Airport. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
You know a powerful Yoruba Man by their Agbadas as The Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo SAN and Governor Ajimobi flip their Agbadas in Sync. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Tete a Tate this is the way we do our things. Governor Ajimobi and Governor Aregbesola put their heads together. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The most important thing after a day’s work, is knowing we can laugh because we gave it our best shot as Governor Ajimobi shares a laugh with Governor Ambode, Governor Aregbesola and Senator Solomon Adeola aka Yayi. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The biggest change reforms usually come during the worst of seasons as Governor Ajimobi visits the site of where a part of Ifesowapo Primary School burnt down in Ibadan, fortunately no lives were lost. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Children are the key to unlocking the blessings of the future, Governor Ajimobi speaks to the students whose classes were burnt down. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)


No one ever said I was successful by staying the same. We have to be movers and shakers for a revolution of change to happen.
I raise my leg for you as Senator Adeyeye says as he greets Governor Ajimobi (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We look back not out of regret for choices made, but with gratitude for the journey walked with people we respect. Governor Ajimobi and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“To lead walk behind them” Lao Tzu. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Blessing comes in different forms. The Incoming Olubadan of Ibadanland greets Governor Ajimobi the best way he knows how as he makes his entrance to his coronation. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi speaks with conviction so we are forced to listen in admiration. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
New times, new things, new era as Governor Ajimobi becomes The First 2nd Term Governor in the history of Oyo State to Install an Olubadan of Ibadanland as he presents the Certificate of Office to Oba Saliu Adetunji, The 41st Olubadan of Ibadanland. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
When in Rome, act like the Romans, In a suit Governor Ajimobi speaks at an event held in his honor in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We only go where legacies have been made as Governor Ajimobi walks into The Merrion Hotel where the likes of President Obama, PM David Cameron and World Leaders have resided during their Visit to Dublin. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A Knack for getting the best attention of whoever he’s meeting with, Governor Ajimobi meets with Senior Government Delegates from The Ireland Government. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Sometimes we need to mellow down in a yellow room, regroup, re-strategize before going back out and doing what we do best. Governor Ajimobi on his way to a meeting in Dublin,Ireland. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Sometimes all that is needed is to be left alone with our thoughts. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The Kids adore Their Governor as He says Hi! during their tour of Ibadan Airport. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self” — Ernest Hemingway as Governor Ajimobi voluntarily goes through security screening at Ibadan Airport. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“A great man is always willing to be little” — Ralph Waldo Emerson Governor Ajimobi reads his Newspapers during an early morning Overland Flight to Abuja for Asiwaju Tinubu’s 64th Birthday Colloquim. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at. Governor Ajimobi with HIM Ooni Of Ife and HIS Oba of Elegushi. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)


No one ever said I was successful by staying the same. We have to be movers and shakers for a revolution of change to happen.
“Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity” Reed Markham (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“Compassion is the basis of morality” — Arthur Schopenhauer Governor Ajimobi and Governor Aregbesola extend their condolence to Governor Of Central Bank Mr. Godwin Emefiele on the loss of his mother. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi leads, we follow, he walks in and the work follows. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
He never stop supporting the people and the things he is passionate about as Governor Ajimobi speaks at Chief Mrs. Florence Ajimobi’s Alma Matta in Honor of her Birthday and New ICT lab donation. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Love and respect only truly grows with when it’s with the right person. Chief Mrs. Florence Ajimobi reads her birthday card from Governor Ajimobi. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“We’ve danced many times but each time always seems like the first time” (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We may argue but when all is said and done the goal is never to be compromised. The Olubadan and His Chiefs pay a courtesy call on Governor Ajimobi to thank and appreciate his effort and support during the Olubadan’s Coronation. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Getting help does not make you weak, it makes you smart. Colonel Hammed Ali, Comptroller General of Customs puts the Customs lapel pin on Governor Ajimobi as a token of Appreciation. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
When we speak on change, we actually need to be the change, Governor Ajimobi says as he launches Oyo State’s Agric Oyo Initiative. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Some meetings just have to be had in order for progress to happen for all. Governor Ajimobi holds a meeting with Senior Government officials and The Labor Union. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
It’s important to be surrounded by genuine people during the most difficult of times as Governor Ajimobi pays a condolence visit to the APC Party Chairman Oyo State Chief Akin Oke on the death of his wife. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A state that thrives on religious freedom led by a man who honors that freedom. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A mover and shaker watching a mover and shaker because all they do is move and shake things into existence.
It is important to lead by example as Governor Ajimobi speaks to his son BJ.
We present awards to those most deserving as Governor Ajimobi congratulates Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on receiving SilverBird’s Man of The Year Award. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi and His Commissioner of music King Sunny Ade. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Nowhere but the drivers seat as Governor Ajimobi drives one of the tractors farmers use on the field as he launched 200,000 hectares of The Oyo State Agricultural Initiative titled “Agric Oyo” in Paago Of Iseyin Town, Oyo State. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Mutual respect cannot be bought, Governor Ajimobi welcomes Mrs. Aisha Buhari to Oyo State. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Grandpa and Grandma’s Little Professor. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
. When they play our favorite song, we cannot but reminisce on the days of our lives. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
It takes a village to get work done and a true leader to understand. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
First ladies of the first men in our various great. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The goal of real healthcare reform must be high-quality, universal coverage in a cost effective way — Bernie Sanders Governor Ajimobi speaks during the Wife Of The President’s Future Assured Healthcare Initiative in Oyo State. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)


We make the right kinds of effort to see the right kind of reform.
We most never forget to give back as Governor Ajimobi donates New School Uniforms to students of Ifesowapo primary school. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Even in challenging times, a leader must still lead as Governor Ajimobi pays a visit to Victims of the Kaduna Math Car Accident in UCH. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We listen with intensity to speak with diligence. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The complexity of the desk speaks to the complexity of the room and the decisions that have to be made in it. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The can only survive in a diverse world as Governor Ajimobi receives in audience The Ambassador of The Republic of Korea to Nigeria, Mr. Noh Kyu- Duk on a courtesy call to the Executive Governor’s office in Agodi, Ibadan. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A job well done as Party Executive Officials commend Governor Ajimobi. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Everyone needs a right hand man as Governor Ajimobi speaks with Otunba Moses Alake Adeyemo in the Deputy Governor’s Office. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“Say cheese” On this particular day I loved the outfit the Governor had on asked to take his picture on this particular chair which he never sits on. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
3 Heads are better than 1 as the Governor Ajimobi, Deputy Governor Adeyemo and Speaker of The House Rt. Hon Micheal Adeyemo speak during a high level meeting organized by The First Lady’s Office. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
So much to be thankful for as the Governor succeeds along with his team on productive stakeholders meeting with farmers and herdsmen. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governor Hat off Grandpa on as Governor Ajimobi takes a Photograph with his one and only Grand-daughter Koko. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We decorate those that are deserving of recognition as CP Leye Oyebade and Governor Ajimobi decorate new Superintendent of Police Supol Odusina. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Earlier in day, Governor Ajimobi sends the list of his 2nd Term Executive Cabinet to The House of Assembly and then proceeds to Ogbomoso to attend The Soun’s 90th Birthday with First Lady Chief Mrs. Florence Ajimobi. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Victory, Victory, Victory! Power to the people as people of Ogbomoso welcome Governor Ajimobi. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Lights, camera, action as Governor Ajimobi prepares to address the state on Democracy Day. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Partners in life forever. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Transparency through the media, leaves little room to be unaccountable. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
No room for error when it comes to matters of the state as Governor Ajimobi makes corrections to his Democracy Day speech. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)


“Progress is slow but steady. In the words of Abraham Lincoln “I am a slow walker, but I never walk back”
Never stop teaching the masses, never stop leading the masses. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Signing the budget, changes changes changes. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We are the world; we are the children. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The Pause as Governor Ajimobi listens to stakeholders speak during a meeting on his attempt to reform Oyo State’s Educational system. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governors meeting as Governor Ajimobi discusses with Governor El- Rufai of Kaduna and Governor Shettima of Borno State discuss before an event at The State House Banquet Center in Abuja. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Laughter is food for the soul as Vice-President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Governor Ajimobi, Governor Shettima, Governor Aregbesola and Governor Elrufai launch The Federal Government HomeGrown School Feeding Program. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Freedom of speech as Governor Ajimobi does a radio Interview at Space F.M. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
. It is important that people stay informed, the progress of our state depends on it as Governor Ajimobi does an Interview on BCOS Tv Program Eyi Ara. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We may not realize the impact we have on people, but people never forget how we made them feel. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Children are a reflection of our biggest hopes and dreams as Governor Ajimobi plays with his little niece. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
You lead; we follow. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Past, Present and Future as former President Olusegun Obasanjo looks at the portraits of former Governors of Oyo State with Governor Ajimobi. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Prevention is better than cure as Governor Ajimobi takes a bold step to discuss with Farmers and Herdsmen in Oyo State. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Great minds think alike. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
It’s easy to emulate those you admire. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Hard work is not for the faint of heart as Governor Ajimobi puts his stamp of Approval on the letters of his 2nd Term Executive Cabinet. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The Ko Se Le Ri executive cabinet. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Setting the record straight on his education policies on politics today with Seun Okinbaloye. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The home town hero, Governor Ajimobi reflects during a tour of his former Arabic school as a kid. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
No matter the condition of the jungle I will not eat grass, it is not pride, it is who I am. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Good habits are never easy to form, but they follow us for the rest of our lives. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Power to the people as Oyo State indigenes come out in a solidarity rally to support Governor Ajimobi’s education reform. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Breaking of fast with Heads of Tertiary Institutions. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The beginning of many firsts as Governor Ajimobi chairs his First Executive Council meeting of His 2nd Term in Office as Governor. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“Success is not magic; the whole point is in concentration as Governor Ajimobi chairs his First Executive Council meeting of His 2nd Term in Office as Governor. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)


“It is your road, and yours alone. Others may walk with you, but no one can walk it for you” Rumi
When we talk, we must also reflect on what is being said as Governor Ajimobi speaks to Commissioners, Special Advisers, Directors and Heads of MDA during their work retreat. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
1. A room full of books with a man full of ideas. Governor Ajimobi in Oyo State Government Archives Room. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“Thinking the talking of the soul with itself”- Plato (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The people’s Governor. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Kids sneak in to get a glimpse of Governor Ajimobi as he makes his way into Ansarudeen Mosque. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Reading and reflecting, one cannot go without the other. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk with you, but no one can walk it for you as Governor Ajimobi walks with His Principal Private Secretary Seyi Adisa.”- Rumi (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The man of the people. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)


“A great strategy meeting is a meeting of minds.” –Max Mckeown
1. Direction, we all need it to get to our destination as Governor Ajimobi speaks to street hawkers in Ibadan. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Always remember good or bad days, prayer is not to be compromised. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people “-William Butler Yeats (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Let’s start this journey with faith and enthusiasm knowing that every step we take will not be in vain as Governor Ajimobi cuts the tape for the reconstruction of the OYO-OGBOMOSO road. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The Executive Governor of Oyo State. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
My talking drum, my talking drum”- Japan Governor Ajimobi receives in audience the Ambassador of Australia to Nigeria. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Morning, Afternoon and Night, It’s always business as usual as Governor Ajimobi and The SSG to Oyo State Mr. Lekan Alli discuss before Governor Ajimobi heads home @ 1am. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“I am not with the drummer; I am the drummer!” –Michelle Sandlin as Governor Ajimobi receives the Ambassador of Nigeria to Cuba. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A wise man thinks before he acts. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Legacies are made when focus is un-compromised as Governor Ajimobi walks into his executive cabinet meeting. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)


We must not forget family and friends. These are the people who give us the strength to keep going.
We are all in this together as Governor Ajimobi discusses with Honorable Members from the Oyo State 8th House of Assembly while awaiting the arrival of President Buhari in Ibadan Airport. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Presidential Laugh with Mr President in The Presidential Chopper. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi discusses with his SSG, DCOS, PA, PPS And Commissioner for Information and Tourism after President Buhari departs from Oyo State. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Grandfather of Twin Boys. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The CEO, The Pacesetter.. The Governor of Oyo State. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Sharing our pride with deserving men as the chairman education reform committee presents a report of their recommendation on education in the state to Governor Ajimobi. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We must be able to laugh at ourselves without feeling attacked by another. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Let’s take a moment to appreciate nature of things as Governor Ajimobi, Speaker of The House and EXCO members drive through OYO State. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The words of the elders pave multiple ways for those who will seat and listen as Governor Ajimobi pays a condolence visit to an APC chieftain on the loss of his child in IGBORA. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Office of the Executive Governor. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Starve your distraction feed your focus, Governor Ajimobi reviews a brief before his meeting with USAID in Abuja. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We love to hear ourselves speak, but a true reflection of character is giving the same courtesy to your fellow man as Governor Ajimobi pays a courtesy visit to the USAID team in Abuja. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Changes are not dreams come true; changes are hard work manifested into reality as Governor Ajimobi has a discussion with Mr. Shawn Flatt, U.S. Embassy Acting Deputy Chief of Mission. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
You and I, we are one people as Governor Ajimobi presents a Talking Drum to USAID Nigeria Mission Director Micheal Harvey. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Intense conversations always reveal the truth about us as Governor Ajimobi, Governor Bagudu of Kebbi State and Senator Adeyeye discuss before they board a flight. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” — Anne of Green Gables.
When we talk, we must also reflect on what is being said as Governor Ajimobi holds a retreat for Special Advisers and Commissioners. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We show up, we motivate, we get work done as Governor Ajimobi and Governor Rochas Okorocha inspect The Oyo State Technical University. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A king amongst kings is called a king. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter — e.e. Cummings, Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and Governor Ajimobi agree. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The days of our lives as Vice — President Professor Yemi Osinbajo SAN along with Governors of Edo, Oyo And Osun, Former Governor Oshiomole and Richest Man in Africa Alh. Aliko Dangote take a group photograph before heading to the coronation ceremony of The Oba of Benin. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Men of Power, no separation, and no divide as Vice- President Professor Yemi Osinbajo SAN, Governor Ajimobi and The Richest Man in Africa Alh. Aliko Dangote. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
It’s a giant day when two cultures meet, we call it life in color, a life in motion, Governor Ajimobi with The Emir of Kano, HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Who better to present a medal, than a man of many medals? as Governor Ajimobi presents a Medal to The Most Distinguised Senator FRN Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu at The Lagos State ‘s C.O.W.L.S.O Women’s Summit at Eko Hotels. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
When the job is done, we can walk away with a smile. The CEO of the Centre of Excellence, The CEO of The Pacesetters and The CEO of the Living Spring. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A ring of lights reflected on a man of substance as Governor Ajimobi gives an amazing speech at C.O.W.L.S.O 2016. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
When The MRS. Approves you know you’ve hit a home run. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A round of applause because once again he has left the room in standing ovation as Governor Ajimobi delivers an amazing speech as he declares open The Lagos State Committee of Wives Lagos State Officials Women’s Summit. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” –Hellen Keller (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
All on board, let the journey begin. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“If you want to go quickly go alone. If you want to go far, go together –African proverb. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)


“Do the hard jobs first, the easy jobs will take care of themselves” — Dale Carnegie
Our limits go far beyond the sky as Governor Ajimobi delivers remarks at The Turning of Sod Event of The Polaris Pacesetter Free Trade Zone. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We build things to start anew as Governor Ajimobi lays the foundation of the OYSG Polaris Free Trade Zone. The First Largest FTZ of its kind in Africa. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Diplomacy is more than saying or doing the right things at the right time. It is avoiding saying or doing the wrong things at any time” –Bo Bennett as Governor Ajimobi challenges The World Bank Team to do more. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Beyond the color of our skin, lies the human soul. That is what makes us all the same as Governor Ajimobi discusses with World Bank Delegates. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Bright colors bring with them warmth and good energy. Governor Ajimobi discusses with the Minister of Science and Technology Minister Onu. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
When in power you must be ready to stand alone irrespective of the consequences. Governor Ajimobi along with EXCO Members approve the dualisation of 4 major roads in Oyo State. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We tend to appreciate past moments more when they are gone than in the moment of the moments. Governor Ajimobi and Governor Ambode view Governor Ajimobi’s Imagery Galleria. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” — Aristotle A Habit Governor Ajimobi ensures his team embodies. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Southwest Governors Economic Forum setting the pace for new beginnings. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
I can work and smile at the same time, it’s all in the days job. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
The work never ends; it’s an ongoing process as Governor Ajimobi initiates the first ever Southwest Governors Economic Forum. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We must never get carried away that we forget to show gratitude to those who pledge their lives in service to the country as the House of Reps Committee on Works commends Governor Ajimobi on a job well done with The Federal Roads he repaired and constructed in Oyo State. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi welcomes the NEW GOC and bids farewell to the Outgoing GOC. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Speeches are sometimes the easiest part, engaging the audience now that’s the tough part, a part Governor Ajimobi is good at while speaking at The Tribute Day for Late Pa Olaniwun Ajayi. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Food for the soul, also known as laughter as Governor Ajimobi and Chief Bisi Akande smile over their discussion. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“Do the hard jobs first, the easy jobs will take care of themselves- Dale Carnegie (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
We smile, we laugh, we compliment the man who makes it all possible as Governor Aregbesola, Governor Amosun and Governor Ambode commend Governor Ajimobi on his speech. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
When it come to matters of the heart, we must be extremely sensitive. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Ambiance goes a long way in creating the right kid of atmosphere. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)


“We raise our glasses in celebration for the end of this journey. For tomorrow we begin a new.”
When everything aligns as Governor Ajimobi delivers town hall remarks in Ibadan, Oyo State. A first of many to come. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi, Governor of Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, The First Lady of Lagos State Mrs. Bolanle Ambode head to the Oyo State Officials Wives Association Women’s summit 2016. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi, Governor Aregbesola and Governor Ambode at The Oysowa Women’s Summit 2016. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A crown fit for a KING. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A crown fit for a KING as Governor Ajimobi is bestowed upon the title AARE of Ibadanland and crowns his better half Chief Mrs. Florence Ajimobi as she also becomes The YEYE AARE of Yorubaland. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
A King and Queen crowned in their own home as Governor Ajimobi and Chief Mrs. Florence Ajimobi are crowned AARE and YEYE AARE of Ibadanland. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
“That’s my AARE” The Olubadan of Ibadanland is filled with so much joy as Governor Ajimobi delivers his remarks. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
His Jewel of Inestimable value. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Daddy’s Girl as The Governor Hat is off and Governor Ajimobi hugs his daughter Ajay on Christmas day on her return back from school. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi presents the 2017 Budget to The Oyo State House of Assembly. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)
Governor Ajimobi delivers the budget to The Oyo State House of Assembly. (Photo by: Tolani Alli)