A Very Lovely Second Day

Well as it appears no one noticed the first post but thats fine there’s always time for QnA’s. But on to the serious side of life. Today I spent most of time completing coding challenges and fixing them up to work well. The one that mainly had me lost for a bit was a challenge where you had take the number of most repeated words in a text and put them into a table. So collecting the words was siimple but the next thing was a bit difficult at first. I was trying to take in a array and figure how to keep count of the words and not have them repeat. I took a few minutes away from the computer to think. I met some people in between, instructors and other students I haven’t met yet. Its a ll cool stuff that goes on. But then I ran in Rich a cool person here at the class and we helped each other figure out how to set it up. We took the array and matched with an object. The setup was the word as the keyand the word count as the value. Then we added it to the screen from the console and well we got it work Hooray!!! But yeah today was a good day