React, Angular, Life and Then Some

These past few weeks are probably going down as some of the difficult ones. From working with difficult projects with tools that has minimal documentation to hearing that certain aspects of my life have moved on. It sucks a lot when these things start coming and begins to ruin the small little moments of your day. Thats probably the only thing that balances out how much I enjoy everything I do. Those little challenges you stand up to only to find out that ist a giant with a big ass gun ready to blow your brains out. Yeah I know maybe that description over does it. But really thats what happens when you dive into something your not ready for. Theres a lot of plans I have for you guys and would to hear back no these things. So here it is:

First I wanna start doing tutorials on things people wanna know and yes I don’t know everything but I am most willing to learn.

Second I’m personal site that needs some feedback on code and setup. I actually might change the project idea and do tutorials on it as I go and build each feature.

Third this cant just be tech. I enjoy way too much to not talk about other things. So feel free to ask if ya wanna what things.

Lastly, I feel like a complete idiot. I try to do things on a schedule but fail completely and the quality of these blogs died over time. If you wanna complain as well then tweet here And also tweet things you think this blog should be :D

Thats about it. Thanks for reading, see ya later :D