The Best Part About The Programming Community

There’s a ton of things that go on amongst us programmers that normal, innocent as weird, or just flat out wrong. Its interesting because I’ve been in that awkward situation of coming out of a three day programming expenditure and well, when your is fried, a lot of things happen. Take note and ask later. But for now let’s stay focussed. The community comes together as awesome people who love solving problems and making the world a better place most of the time. I say most of the time because well making robots that slap people isn’t exactly contributing. But hey who knows maybe there’s a little market for that. There’s a lot I could talk about when it comes to the community but there’s one thing that always makes me laugh:

The Holy War of Tools, Frameworks, Libraries and Editors

Yes it’s a holy war alright. Sometimes it feels like Star Wars mixed with some Braveheart action. At any moment someone’s arm can be chopped off. Man do some take it farther then that. This is probably the worst and best but hey its amazing when you get some popcorn and let the action play out. Sometimes there is a mix up and well what can you do. Take a look the vim and emacs phenomenon. There’s always some people that will say that this is better and your life will improve if you use it. Sometimes I even partake and tell people to join the church of vim. Then again I say loudly that maybe there’s a better tool you could be using. Emacs is a great editor as well but its not everyone’s cup of tea. Well pretty much 90% of everything isn’t someones cup of tea.

The thing that surprises me the most though at the end of the day is that even though we can’t hate on something, we build up another idea. Some overarching idea that denies the status quo and pretty much is a way of saying fuck you but have a nice day. At the end of the end of the day though we’re all building things to make the world better and singing around the camp fire. So honestly maybe we keep the fighting and just build better and smarter. Though who knows things could be way better :D