Following traditional methods, we saw the known Waterfall model tied to the Gantt Chart in all areas of our game development process, functionalities, tasks and activities until the end of the project, setting up a 20% error-buffer with unforeseen events, especially during testing (wish I could say there weren’t any)…

Though millions of professionals are relying on technology to adapt to working from home, others do not have that luxury, with their jobs on the line due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With no end in sight, making the best of your circumstances and utilising your talents during quarantine could help you to unlock a revenue stream and turn a side hustle into a career.

Photo by Francesco Perego on Unsplash


As the coronavirus spreads to all four corners of the globe, businesses and individuals are beginning to feel the pinch. The airline industry has, quite literally, fallen from the sky, bars and restaurants have been forced to close in many countries, and actors, barbers, beauty therapists, and personal trainers are…

Choosing the right hitbox is key to making a great shooter. Here’s the difference between them and why they matter

Counter-Strike updated hitboxes

Almost all modern games simulate physics in some way. From the most basic collision in a roguelike to the complex calculations powering simulations like Kerbal Space Program, if you want to build a 3D game, you’ll need to make the world feel solid. …

The head of the U.S. military’s AI unit provides insight into current AI applications, future strategies, and collaborations with large tech companies.

Source: Interview with Wired; Cover picture: Microsoft / US Army

Artificial intelligence is expected to play a central role in future wars if they happen: Military personnel worldwide are investing in the development of autonomous weapon systems, AI-based reconnaissance and intelligent maintenance systems.

China , Russia and the U.S. see AI as an essential building block for their future place…

Deepmind’s AI software Alphafold is said to help researchers find a vaccine.

DeepMind — AlphaFold

If researchers know the structure of a protein, they can better assess its function and effects. In the context of the corona virus, for example, this could accelerate the development of medicines .

However, researching and modeling a protein structure is complex and can take months or longer. …

Pixel learning becomes HD graphics with comparatively little effort thanks to deep learning.

The modification “Enhanced Textures” for the role-playing classic Morrowind extrapolates the original textures of the game to four times the resolution with a neural network.

At its core, the AI ​​process is the same as that of the video counterfeiting AI deepfakes and other image manipulations : A scaled- optimized…

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