5 Things You Must Give Up If You Want To Achieve Success

It is interesting how far people are always willing to go in order to achieve some kind of success. People will literally do anything for success. Now, questions are frequently asked and forums for discussion are formed to deal with what habits one needs to develop if they are going to be a success. In my own quest for success, I have observed that one truly needs to develop a comprehensive set of mannerisms and habits that will catalyze the success process.

However, there is the other side of the coin, this side is seldom talked about but is as much important as developing a positive lifestyle. That is, the things to give up. There are things I discovered I needed to give up if I was going to achieve success.

The five (5) that follow have been identified as some of the unhealthy deterrents of success. As we examine them, it must be borne in mind that I do not regard them as separate entities, but as part of a greater whole. While they each have to be given up, none of them in isolation will cause good success. For a successful and fulfilled life, I had to give up all and more.

1. Give up the waiting habit

Wasted time is never recovered” so goes a familiar saying. The manner in which I spend my time defines who I am and the things I value. The principles of priority and first in — first out have their place on the highway of success and have transformed my experience.

There is a place for a person who chooses to give up the ugly habit of waiting and realizes that they have to live and impact right now. Because I now know I need to make the most out of every moment, I live every minute like it is my last. Trust me, one year ago I wished I had known this earlier, oh what precious time I would have invested in worthy matters.

Procrastination is a horrible sin which should not be entertained. It will rob you of opportunities and privileges to achieve success. Act now, give up the idle time and make the most of every moment. Your success is waiting!

2. Give up the Laziness

Slothfulness and wastefulness are inseparable enemies to achieving success. Adding to envy, anger, and pride as laziness- among the major causes of failure and mediocrity. You cannot have a disinclination to action or labor and be a candidate for success. Lacking the drive to work is another way to understand laziness.

Let us pick a lesson from nature, there is a creature called a sloth in tropical America, it is popular for its slow movements and just hangs upside down in tree branches… if you want to see your life pass you by just like that, only “hang” around folk that are“just hanging”.

Instead of just hanging around doing nothing with my life, I decided to start doing something because there is always something productive to be done. Let us consider yet another creature, the bear. The bear is an animal with massive bulk, awesome strength, great agility and amazing speed. However, it has this predilection to just sleep and do nothing. Unfortunately, we have people who are like that, people who despite their great skills, brilliant minds and excessive strength spend their time immobilized doing nothing. They have only mastered the canning skills of manipulation. I chose to be better than the sloth and bear.

What had also helped me give up laziness was the knowledge that, “those who do nothing will only help you do nothing”. We can all have the same opportunities and time but others will rather enjoy everybody’s time and wasting their own. Further, distinguishing between being tired and being lazy has been the difference between my failure and my success.

I now understand what it takes to be productiveness and going after things. Giving up apathy and the attitude of not caring. “I was caught up in the traffic” is no excuse for a driver, it is an excuse for laziness because a driver ought to understand traffic and start for early.

You’ve got to work for it and give up the laziness for success to be a part of your story.

3. Give up the bad Self-Concept

It is simply a delusion to think you can achieve success with a low value of yourself. This self-value is also known as Self-concept, it is also said to be an image of oneself centered on personal experiences, stature, self-thoughts, and how one perceives themselves.

Self-concept is also the consciousness we have of our past, our present and expectations of the future. It is a perception held based on information gathered about values, skills, goals, life roles, abilities, etc.

A bad self-concept has the ability to suffocate opportunities, denies you access to important resources and undercuts potential.

A good self-concept has had a huge influence on my emotional management and it literally, defines how far I am willing to go beyond my comfort zone to achieve goals and solve issues. This means that it affects how I interact with my environment, therefore, influencing my inherent potential and call to action. Self-concept has been the definition of the things I have attempted and avoided.

The need to recognize how to identify and give up a bad self-concept cannot be undermined the pursuit for success.

4. Give up the other face

The identity crisis has come upon us like a storm, it has become an almost impossible task to identify who is who and what is what. There is a tendency to hide behind a façade of sorts.

As a young person, I often did this in order to escape getting rejected and hurt. I quickly realized the danger of such a lifestyle and how it was going to robbed me the privilege of developing myself into me.

To achieve success, you will have to give up the other face and be you- just the way you are. What worked for me was gathering the courage and accepting me, showing my true sentiments and stand up for them- more still at the risk of disapproval because it would be learning moment.

I gave up the other face and about myself, only embraced both the good side and the weak side. I knew the weak side was real and authentic. It was going to be my spring of ingenuity and innovation because it had to change. Giving up the mask has created unthought-of opportunities for success.

5. Give up the dependency syndrome

Popular theories suggest that the road to success is a lone road and if you are doing to depend on others then you are doomed. While it is worth noting that if you are going to see far, you will need to stand on the shoulders of tall and strong men, it is also true that dependency is a recipe for doom and failure.

It is possible to have all the energy, positive self-concept, drive, etc. to achieve success but if this enthusiasm is going to ride on the shoulders of others, you can be assured of only going so far. The moment I accepted this reality, I was on the road to success. I was the man with the vision, I was the man with the burning desire. Although I needed (still do) the help of others, I never saw myself depending on them.

The dependency syndrome has to go for that unprecedented success.

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